Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NOTD - Office

I recently went to American Apparel to get a scarf for chilly weather that has been coming on and off here in NYC. But instead of just getting the scarf and leaving, I snatched 3 nail polishes before I left.

As you may notice, I've been really into matte shades. It fits the weather so much more. I have two more shades from American Apparel I need to share with you all.

I thought this color was alright, it suits summer more than fall/winter. This shade of light teal looks so plastic on my nails but I think it would look awesome on a classic french nail (replacing the white with this color).


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

El'view: Sabon Body Scrub

SABON Body Scrub in Lavender Apple

: Get rid of dead skin cells to reveal a newer layer of radiant skin. Nourish the skin and keeps it smooth. Gives the skin a more youthful glow.

Price: $30 according to the Sabon website

Pros: Smells extremely good. Really exfoliate the skin with the sea salt. Even if you scrub hard it wouldn't be too harsh because the oils help soothes it. It has a little spoon that comes with the scrub.

Cons: It contain oil which makes it really smooth and slippery. Hard to open the lid because of the oil.

Overall: I really like this scrub, especially since it was a birthday gift. I think I would purchase this because it smells extremely crazy good. I mean, I still smell the scent a couple of hours after I showered, that's pretty awesome. Love the color also, pretty pinky peach color. The packaging totally got me. The scrub feels really soothing in the shower and the sea salt really exfoliates the skin. That means it actually works while making me smell good. I'm curious as to how the other scrubs smell, and if they work also.

That's the little wooden spoon which it came with. Gives such an earthy feel.

There's a layer of oil on top. So, remember to mix the jar well before scooping any out to use.

The sea salt is really small and fine but I wish it was even smaller. The glistening you see on top is the oil. When you apply this on your skin and start to move in circular motions, it feels like you're getting a massage.

Total win for me.
I get to exfoliate, smell good, and remove dead skin cells.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

My New Love

I finally got myself a pair of booties. I never seem to find the right pair that's comfortable and looks nice. I feel like I have deformed feet and it's so hard to find ones that doesn't squeeze my web feet. But, I went on a serious mission today to find some sort of new shoes for myself. It was either going to be booties, over the knee boots, or tall boots. I was hoping to find a sexy pair of over the knee boots but that was no luck.

I mean, I went to DSW, found the boot on display that I like, want to try them on, and they don't have any sizes of those boots at all except the sample display. How disappointing. I saw a couple online also... tried to find them. Only found one (what a fail) and it was hugging my leg crazily. I was wearing skinny jeans, so I guess my leg needs to be naked or to have leggings on. Well, at least I know the over the knee boots at DSW won't be doing me any good. Off to look somewhere else for them schmexy high boots!

Luckily, I found myself a pair a pretty black sueded boots... so cuuute!

That red box with black lettering is so darn hot!

Aren't they just cute?
I can't wait to wear these with skinny jeans, leggings, dresses, and skirts! They practically work with every outfit. Not to mention the little button on the side adds a little comfort and autumn feel to the whole boot thing.
DSW still have these in store, so check them out or snag yourself a pair if you love them like I do =D


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Been Blinging

I went out this weekend with the bf to shop around. It was a nice day here in NYC and perfect to go out and enjoy the sun and light breeze. Winter is coming faster than I thought, the weather here is changing quite fast. Chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon... I feel like I'm going to get sick soon -_-"

Jeans from Aeropostale
Top from Forever21
Moto jacket from Armani Exchange

The whole outfit was very chic and comfortable. The top gave a flowy, girlie touch to it while the jacket gave it some rock hard masculinity.

Had my nails did too. I've been lovin' matte nail polishes! Gives that fall feel to it and it looks a lot neater on the hand. I absolutely looove this color, Casting Call. It reminds me of a mauvey-ish color with pink undertone. Amazing on the fingers, and it pretty much looks just like it is in the photo above.
Sephora OPI are true to color so far. Every color I got and put on looks exactly like the bottle... at least the matte colors do, as for the shimmery and glittery ones... I have yet to try them.

So, I went shopping with the bf... more like he shopped and I tagged along. I don't know, I just don't like shopping in person. I hate it when there's so many people in a store and I can barely move. I rather be comfortable and at ease shopping online. Oh... did I mention I also hate waiting on line for those fitting rooms?

While the bf was shopping, I literally walked off and went to Forever21.. yea I'm so bad.

I found this last pair and was like it would sooo come in handy one day. So, I got it! They had tons of the white/creamy colored ones but I like the black a lot more!

Addition to the earring, I got 3 rings... well more like 6. I don't know if Forever21 had this before but the new banded rings are elastic, which means they can fit on any finger! Yayyy now it's one size fits all =D
Those 4 rings in the front... is absolutely gorgeous. Two of them have diamonds on it while the other 2 are plain. I like the little curve it has, makes it looks so much more sophisticated.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A little twist

An attempt on an inspired look. A little spin-off of Tae Yeon's eye makeup from SNSD's Run Devil Run MV. Her eyes popped to me the most when I saw it but this look I did was just a little different.

I love how clean Korean's makeup are. And this screen shot screams fierce!

My sad attempt of being kawaii and cute >.<

I only lined my lower lash-line half way and the eyeliner isn't as intense as Tae Yeon.

Now for some camera whore-lovin-time... I love taking photos when I look my possible best x]

Everyday Minerals concealer in Multitask
Lioele Mineral Face Powder
Rock&Republic blush in Kinky
Rock&Republic blush in Call Me

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer
MAC e/s in Malt
MAC e/s in Shroom
NYX e/s in Black
Covergirl Lash Blast in Black
little diamonds are from the nail art stickies

Victoria Secret Matte Lipstick in Breathe
Revlon lipgloss in Life's a Peach

And now for silly pics!

Hope you all enjoy this!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

OOTD + Bogo Deal

Hey guys, thought I would do a quick OOTD since I went out to run some errands. It was insanely windy the past few days since the weather is changing. It got a lot more chilly and breezy so it's time to whip out jackets and scarves.

white henley from American Eagle
jeans from Uniqlo
boots from Necessary Clothing
ivory scarf from Forever21

jacket from Express

the scarf adds a lot of texture to the outfit... makes it less boring

The best part of the jacket is the collar. I love how you can pop it up and cover your entire neck with it. Makes you look extra chic and keeps you warm! Sorry ladies but this jacket was from last years and I doubt Express still carries it but I'm sure you can find it elsewhere if you look hard!


Yup, that's right. Walgreens is having a major bogo deal with their EOS lip balm. It's literally free. Actually it is free. You purchase it and pay the $3 and they print out a coupon of $3 so you can use on your next purchase which they'll just deduct from.

I got 2 cause that's all they have in the Walgreens near me. Wish I could get the other colors also. This doesn't end til the end of the week (last day is 10/9/10) so go get them while they still have it!

Bye lovelies,

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hair Color Fail + NOTD

So, as of late I decided to dye my hair a different color since the last color I dyed it was literally fading away. I decided to use Garnier Nutrisse in Medium Intense Auburn... boy it was a fail.

The color was suppose to come out like the chick on the box. I thought I would get it all over my hair but apparently not. This happens all the time I dye my hair. The strands doesn't seem to soak in the color fully. I guess I just have to go to the salon and get it done the right way.

My attempt at taking a picture with the parts of my hair that shows the color. You can see just a hint of it under the fluorescent light, but in sunlight it was boom pow wow! No sunlight in NY for the past 2 days so no photo of bright hair... =[

My work bathroom was pretty neat to take photos. No one is there half the time. Now all they need is a full length mirror so I can show ya'll my outfits. Yea, it was freezing cold my office so I kept the scarf on... though it was so thin it didn't do much.

My boring eye-look whenever I go to work. Slab on a shimmery or matte shadow all over lid, eyeliner and mascara and I'm good to go. That was after a long day of work so my lashes didn't look happy, and you can tell my eyes are getting droopy and tired... haha

I don't look too tired here... quite natural I might say. And dam my hair is growinggg.

Yayyy a chirpy photo! I wonder what haircut I should have next, hair growing out and the a-line bob is looking shaggy on me. But it's still too short to layer or any of that sort. Any ideas ladies?


Feeling a bit classy and "clean" if you know what I mean. Went for the french nails. Did them all on my own, boy it was difficult to do my right nails since I'm not a lefty! Came out pretty decent for an at-home manicure. I realized I don't like leaving my nails uncolored because it's so thin and soft with no polish on. Plus it looks better and it shows that you're more well-groomed =]

Until next time chicas