Saturday, September 17, 2011

Birchbox 92011

After reading about Birchbox, I've finally gave in and started the subscription. I've always loved seeing and reading what's in the monthly Birchboxes from Mara but just as I start this month, she had decided to cancel her subscription. What a weird coincidence!

This month was quite disappointing since the items weren't that great, it didn't give it that "wow" factor but nonetheless I did enjoy a few things.

I really like the packaging of Birchbox, sometime that's all that matter to pull a sucker like me in.

Adventurous Incoco - Nail Polish Applique
I probably would've enjoyed this more if it was in a different color. Ever since I started working for a CPA firm, it's hard to wear bright colors. Especially when it's glittery bright like this one. I'm thinking of using it on my toes but that would be a waste since Autumn is here and I want my toes to be warm.

I'm intrigued by the application process more than anything. I like the idea of removing the tape and just sticking it on my fingernails and filing until it fits my nail. I'll most likely paint a top coat over it just in case it chips easily.

Balanced Pangea Organics - Facial Cream for Normal to Combo Skin
I thought the small bottle packaging was cute until I opened it and got a big whiff of the scent. It's a strong ginger scent which is definitely not one bit appealing. I try to apply this at night since the scent is so not sexy for outdoor sake. The consistency is a bit runny for a facial cream.

Polished Jouer - Lip Enhancer
The product is insanely tiny. The lip enhancer itself is pink, which is always a good thing. It says to hydrate, plump, and condition your lips. The first time I applied it, it gave me a bit of a tingly sensation on the lips but that was it. Like any lip products, you need to consistently apply it so your lips won't get dry. For this product, when it is on your lips it feels ultra hydrating and nourishing to the lips but when after a few hours when the product is faded, your lips are back to square one.

Eco-Minded LIV GRN - Earth Eau de Parfum
I was skeptical about this perfume because the first time I smelled it, it had reminded me of honey dew. Yea, a really strong honey dew fruity kind of smell. I gave it a shot the next day and pat some on my neck and wrist. The after-smell (a lot of perfumes are like this, they smell uber different after it is exposed to air), was a lot better. It wasn't a fruity smell anymore but a true earthy kind of scent that is light and pleasant to the nose. I've been using it to touch up at work every now and then since the tiny bottle is so convenient.

Birchbox Friendship Bracelet
Let's be practical here.
It was Birchbox's one year anniversary so they decided to include a bracelet in there as a thank you to all the subscribers. But, who will actually wear it? I've already decided to give it to my little cousin. I was hoping that Birchbox was going to give something that's more wearable for their subscribers since they know our age-range. I thought this was a poorly executed "treat."

I actually like how Birchbox works and am excited to see what next months holds for me. I guess it's the anticipation and excitement about what I might get that had me subscribed. Plus it's not a bad thing since I get to try products that I most likely will not be exposed to in real-life.

Have you tried Birchbox?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quick Update

Ever since Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast everything has changed. Although when it reached NYC it was just a Tropical Storm. My family did take precaution and we moved to another area since our zone was the most dangerous. When we decided to head back home, fortunately our house had no damage. I was very grateful for that.

Remember my last post stating that I was going for a job interview and to also see a job agent. Well, the job which I had the interview said they would get back to me on Tuesday but they never did. Feeling totally lucked out I decided to email them to make sure they found another person and just didn't leave me hanging. Sometimes you just have to take initiative and not be afraid. I emailed them on Wednesday morning and by Wednesday afternoon they called me. They were going to offer me the job! I was extremely excited and so glad things are falling into place. I need this job since it will provide me with the benefits and who doesn't like to make more money?

So, besides my regular 5 days a week working at the firm. I also have class on Saturday and another job on Sunday. I don't know how I'll be able to manage it but I'm going to try my best. I definitely won't be able to sleep in at all so the only option is to actually sleep early.

As for updates on this blog, I'll try to periodically if I can. I know I'll be too tired to snap photos and then upload them and then watermark them and then post them. The process is actually quite difficult. But I'll try to make the effort.

Labor Day weekend is here, the only time I'll get to rest before putting myself into full speed work-mode. How are you all spending your holiday weekend?