Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mini Haul & Aqua Foam Eyes

I finally ordered a MAC palette, slowly building on the colors since they have so many. I'm quite impress with the color pigmentation on the regular eye-shadow. And I absolutely love the palette, I couldn't stop touching it hahahaa

I got the 15 refill pro palette...'s actually pretty small when you hold it.

e/s in Swimming - grass green with specs of glitter

e/s in Prussian - matte navy blue color

e/s in Freshwater - bright gorgeous blue with tiny glitters (I already slashed it with the little packaging it came in... clumsy me!)

e/s in Malt - matte skin color with a slight pink undertone

e/s in Bisque - matte skin color with very light peach undertone... it may look a bit similar to Malt but putting it side by side, Malt is a lot pinker than Bisque.

I got this trio from Sephora in exchange of my 500 points for being a Beauty Insider. You can too! Just build up your points and redeem it for these great little goodies.

It's quite small but it can last for a couple of months since you don't need to apply much. The orange bottle is a serum and it smells so much like oranges, yummm. The little blue jar is the Sheer Transformation which smells like coconut to me. Last but not least the green little jar is the night gel, I'm not too fond of this gel at all but it's great for spot treatment!

I decided to get the Sustainable Shadow Box since the colors were more appealing. The only thing I don't like is the way the palette opens and closes. I feel like I want to break off the cover.

Aqua Foam Eyes

I did yet another blue eyes cause it's so pretty and I wanted to show the variations with the color blue. This one is more a daytime birthday party kind of look, it's cute and simple.

Products used:
Eyes --
Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer
E.L.F. Duo e/s cream in Blueberry (the lighter color)
Urban Decay e/s in Kiddie Pool
MAC e/s in Freshwater
Sephora Long Lasting eyeliner in Black
any black pencil eyeliner
Mayebelline Lash Stiletto Waterproof mascara in Black

I assure you it was a pretty easy look. I slabbed the Kiddie Pool all over the lid and bit higher and then used Freshwater on my lid and not passing my crease. You see the gradual shift in color as you go higher. Then I lined the top and lower lash line and popped the mascara on. How simple!

My hair is starting to grow out. I don't think I'll be cutting it cause I do miss my long hair. But the not short not long hair is sort of bothering me. Totally can't style it, and the wind keeps making my hair slap my face -_- Speaking of which... allergy season is here!