Monday, July 15, 2013

Philadelphia - within a year and we're back :: Day 2&3 of 3

Day 2 in Philly included a lot of walking. The weather started to get a lot better the second day we were there so we took this opportunity to explore the area a bit.

Susan, J and I grabbed brunch first. We got a bit lost since the road in actuality wasn't the same as the maps we were using. Eventually we got there, Cafe Lift was on a deserted block which was weird because inside was so lively.

The food here was amazing, and so was the coffee - might I add it's refillable coffee. The Chicken Crespelle was the best out of all we ordered, the truffle oil along with the chicken and mushroom was so bomb. Susan had Jen's Crespelle which was a regular crepe with egg, sausage, cheese and was given syrup to finish it up with. I had the Prosciutto Panini, wasn't in a mood for something breakfast-y but wanted something light, like a sandwich. Nevertheless, it was still a really good meal.

After such an awesome meal, we really need to walk it off. Even though it didn't seem like much, we felt uber fat, especially from what we had the day before.

Since we weren't able to go to Mutter Museum the previously day, we were determined to go today. It was a far walk but it was such a beautiful day out and we really needed the exercise.

As we walked, we stopped by some places and took random photos.

Especially some silly photos. We were at a square that had these ginormous pieces of board games, remember sorry? chess? monopoly? yea, those pieces.

My poser! He didn't even realize I took a photo...haha skills!

But seriously, the streets were quite empty and clean. I barely see any garbage cans in the streets. Finding one was like finding Waldo, and when I finally found one the can is full to the about luck.

We finally go to the Mutter Museum and spent a good 2-3 hours there. None of us thought we actually took that long because the museum was small, 2 floors. But, it was packed with information that was bizarre and had different oddities. It's definitely not for people with a weak stomach because some of the exhibits were really graphic. It was a good educational portion of this trip.

The next thing we knew, it was time for dinner! But we needed to kill some time first and ended up at a speakeasy, The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co.

Really dim and laid back, but there was something missing from here that I couldn't get my hands on. It was different than New York's speakeasies, maybe I just prefer NYC more.

After a drink here, we took another walk to get to our dinner spot which had us meet up with Samantha and her cousin.

Acting silly while waiting for my food. We ended up at a wine bar which I wasn't that fond of, Vintage Wine Bar.

Susan got a latte, she said it was really good. She's a crazy coffee addict so I'll take her word for it since she's such a pro.

The food wasn't so crazy. I didn't participate in the cheese platter since I'm not a fond of cheese at all. Escargot was quite good, really like how it's still in its shell. Both entrees were so great, Grilled Steak was bland and the Linguine Carbonara lacked flavor.

J and I ended up back at the hotel after this and enjoyed some more wine. We were exhausted after so much walking.

We started the next day a bit slower since it was our last day. Samantha and her cousin decide to take us all to Sabrina's Cafe, another well-known brunch spot in Philly. Out of the 3 days we were there, the 3rd day was the hottest. Walking in the sun was torture.

Even though they made reservations, we still had to wait a good 30-45 minutes for a table.

J and I were the only ones that got our coffee in a stein, interesting. The choices on the menu didn't appeal to me much. I end up getting the Egg White Omelette with artichoke and mushrooms, J had the Huevos Rancheros which did not appeal to me at all. The plates were huge but I didn't think the food actually delivered. It was just meh to me.

Philly this time around was different and interesting. There will be another trip very soon to Philly again. We really need to jump this time!