Friday, May 13, 2016

Moving Again

I feel a sort of disconnection with my blog.
I feel like I only blog whenever there's a big event in my life happening.
I feel awkward writing now.

But I shouldn't.

Life has been wild. Wildly boring. I'm mainly busy 3/4 of the year due to work, being an accountant is not easy but it's quite decent. That's why maintaining and blogging is such a struggle sometimes. Maybe that can change. One can only hope so.

The boyfriend and I are moving again. We moved last year to a nice cozy place in Sunset Park. It was near a lot of food and a big cultural concentrate of Chinese, Jews and Mexicans. After a year of living there, we found that the commute to work just wasn't working out. We both agreed to move to Jersey City. Never had I thought that I would one day be a Jersey resident. It's extremely close to New York but for some odd reason, I thought I would be a Connecticut resident before Jersey. Anyways, I'm pretty excited about this change of event. But, I do dread moving and packing. I have to say, I'm the worse at it. J is a lot better at packing things and using his tetris skills.

We only have a few days left. Hoping all goes well.

The view from our new window.