Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Gahhhh...It's 2017!

Ok, so I'm extremely late on the New Years stuff but dam, it's literally 2017 already.

One thing for sure, I'm in the middle of tax season and the wedding is inching closer. So much to do but now is not the time to do it. My fiance and I also booked a pre-wedding photoshoot in Hong Kong come April but that'll be in another post - I'd like to dedicate a whole post to it.

One thing that's different since the last year is that I changed jobs. I'm still with the same company but I decided to move to a different position which calls for less work but same pay - oh, and I get an office which is pretty sweet. It'll be different but I think I'll be a lot happier doing this than coming into work 6 times a week and working from like 9am to 11pm. To reflect back, I'm pretty proud of myself that I voiced what I want. Definitely wasn't easy but nothing comes on a gold plate.

Now that I don't work late nights and long weekends anymore, I'd like to blog more often. Maybe even pick up on vlog? Who knows.

My fiance and I are going out this Saturday to celebrate our 10th year of dating. To a place that is quite dear to us, Park Avenue. We haven't gone since they moved to a new location, but we do miss it. Looking forward to a well deserved peaceful evening with the husband-to-be.