Tuesday, August 16, 2011

NOTW: Marina

Clawing the bottle is probably the only way I can show you the thumb. My first Zoya nail polish ever and I really like the consistency. Really creamy and glides on the nail really well. I can just keep it at one coat but 2 coats will always be safer.

Marina is a nice midnight blue with a hint of teal, can't really tell in the photo but if you stare at your nails after you apply it, you'll know what I mean.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Food Porn #4

The weekend ended off drearily with rain. I wasn't able to go out and relax at all the past 2 weekend because it was either friend's wedding or work. Maybe this coming weekend will be much better. Hope all your weekends weren't as boring as mine.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Secret To Long-Lasting Eyeliner

I always hate to see my eyeliner smear in the middle of the day. Raccoon eyes anyone? I usually get them on my outer corners of my bottom lashline or towards my inner tear duct. It's just so weird and majorily unattractive. I've seen a lot of gurus using eyeshadows to set their eyeliner but for some reason it wasn't good enough for me. It'll usually last around half the day and then the liner will start to travel around my eyes.

So, with this said I put in an extra step to insure that my eyeliner wouldn't budge throughout the entire day. The secret? I use pencil liner, liquid liner, and also eye shadow. You might think that's a whole lot of liner/products but it totally works (at least definitely for me).

The 3 products that I used for long-lasting eyeliner - 
Almay pencil liner
Maybelline liquid liner
NYX eyeshadow in Black

Starting off with clean eyes

I tight-line and line my eyes, this also acts as a base. Doesn't need to be too neat.

The reason why I said it didn't need to be neat is because you'll be running a liquid liner over that. Makes the process so much easier this way.

Using an angled brush, dip it in the eyeshadow and set your eyes. This literally conceals everything and won't make the liners budge one bit.

Curl lashes...

Mascara time! My favorite of the moment is Maybelline Lash Blast, keep my lashes up and also lengthens it.


It definitely has a couple more steps than your regular eye-liner routine but if I'm going out for the entire day, I would definitely put in that extra effort to secure my eye-liner. I have oily skin, so I secrete a lot more oil than usual and my eyelid gets oily also. Which means, the more oils I secrete the higher the chance my eye makeup will smear. But after doing routine, my eye-liner stays put.

If you have the same problem as me with lining your eyes, give this a shot.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Long time no see

As you guys can see the lack of updates on my blog, I know there's no excuse but I want to tell you guys that I was super duper busy (isn't that what everyone says when they're MIA?). My birthday was in mid-July and my boyfriend's birthday was in the beginning of August, and just to top that off - my close childhood friend had her wedding on the first week of August. Hectic? Yes!

I'm so happy everything is over because there were months and months of planning with frustration and annoyance but it was all worth it when it came down to the final special day. You might ask, why would I be involved? Well, I was lucky enough to have my friend ask me to be one of her bridesmaid. Now you know why I was so absent here.

To start off the updates, rolling back about 3 weeks. My boyfriend had celebrated my birthday with me, I'm sure I blogged about that. It was really sweet of him.

Crab, Lobster, Shrimp Roll w/ Empress Claws
I love lobster rolls from Luke's Lobster. If you ever visit NYC, this place is a must. My pre-birthday dinner box.

After my birthday, I had to plan his since it's about 2 weeks apart. His gift was the Apple iPad which I got for him a while back. The guy loves his gadgets! I took him to the spa to get a massage since I know his back and shoulders have been really tense. We went to Mama Spa which was extremely clean and friendly. Afterward, I took him to Degustation. A Spanish tapas style kind of dining. It was amazing - read more here.

A couple of days after his birthday was the wedding but backtrack just a bit. In between my birthday and his, the maid of honor threw a bachelorette party for the bride at Lucky Cheng's. A drag queen universe. It was so much fun and it was crazy how feminine all the guys look. There was a balloon making guy, he makes really fun adult-like balloons... lol!

My girls after the wild party. The middle white thing you see... it's a huge pink penis with white cum. Yup, nasty isn't it?

I was glad the bride had such a nice time.
Finally the wedding was here, everyone looked so beautiful and amazing. The bride was absolutely stunning!

That's me, after I got dolled up and everything. The bride wanted pink so we tried our best to choose pink dresses!

The beautiful bride! So pretty.
The girl on the left is the maid of honor, hence the slight difference in color from our bridesmaid dresses (both on the right). The guys in the back were just too funny and silly.

The boyfriend and I <3
I feel like it's prom all over again... hahaha

After-party time. We all changed into something more comfortable. She still looks absolutely fabulous!

Patron shots! Bridesmaids plus bride!

It was a lovely day/evening/night. I had a ton of fun and I'm so happy for her and her husband. May they live in total happiness for the rest of their lives. Love them both!!!