Monday, February 28, 2011

Big Bang Clothing Line @ Uniqlo

Hey beauties

Just want to share with you all real quick with what I bought today. I've been waiting for this day for so long just because it has to do with Big Bang!

If you don't already know, Big Bang is a Korean band that is really popular now in Korea and Japan. Their sense of style and music is really modern and catchy. Since they do a lot of concerts in Japan, Uniqlo - a Japanese brand clothing store decides to collaborate with them and do a line of t-shirts and hoodies with them.

Different Uniqlo stores are hosting this clothing launch. I had to call the one in Soho, NYC a couple of times to get the dates right. I don't know if they still have it in stores but you can give it a try if you live around then neighborhood.

I was #8 on line

They only sectioned a small part of the store for the Big Bang clothing launch... I was a bit disappointed. I mean they got fans here in the U.S. also and I think they deserve a lot better than just a small section in the store.

They had so many t-shirts but only these 3 appealed to me. Hot right?
I mean it's a nice way to show them some love.

I can't wait to wear the hoodies!
Since the clothes were in men sizes, I had to buy a size smaller and hopefully they fit because they don't go lower than an XS there.

Toodles love!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's been a great rollercoaster highway

Currently I just feel so dandy!

I just came back from dining with my bf at Sushi Yasuda. It was surely a memorable meal. If you're interesting in sushi, and I mean good and fresh sushi, check out Sushi Yasuda. The restaurant is located in NYC near Grand Central.

Oh, I think I'm in love with fatty tuna cheek sushi. They just melt in your mouth and it's probably the best piece on the tuna. This dining experience was truly amazing.

The bf and I usually try to eat somewhere new and different on our anniversaries. And, this year marks the 4th year that we are together. Not a big number but it does feel that we've been together for a long time. There are a lot of ups and downs in relationships and we know how to pick ourselves back up after we get into an argument. I admire our relationship because no matter how bad the situation is or how bad we swear at each other, at the end of the day we kiss and make up like nothing happened. With this said, I'm glad I got someone like him that understands me, that spoils me, that loves me...oh and that gives me great gifts too!

This year was a bit different. We usually don't get each other anything but this year, for some odd reason...he got me many little gifts!

I love to be showered with gifts and this was totally unexpected!

I've been looking everywhere for this Black Shatter and somehow the bf was able to easily find it. That's just sad, but I love him for getting it for me. It just shows how thoughtful he is to what I say to him. He also got me three other polishes, two from the Katy Perry line and the one on all the way on the left is my favorite! I love that dark red burgundy color.

So cute!
My hands are always freezing in the winter. No matter if I have gloves or put my hands in my pockets, they get cold! Which is really annoying but I can't do anything about it. So, the bf being as thoughtful as he is, got me a hand warmer. I just thought it was cute 'cause it's shaped as a heart and says 'you warm my heart'.

He also got Push Pop. Lord, I don't remember the last time I had these candy. They were so 10 years ago when I was a wee little girl. But I do remember why I didn't like it much. I would eat halfway and push the candy back down to save it for later and when I was ready for some more later, it was so hard to push back up! The sugar of the candy dried up and stuck to the side of the container...which was quite annoying!

Lastly, the Naked palette. How I lust for this.
Sold out all over like usual. None at Sephora or Ulta or wherever and BOOM the bf found it again. Ya know, I'm starting to think I totally suck at finding stuff. I should just let the bf know what I want when I can't get it. He seems to be having a lot more luck with it.

But yes, the Naked palette. Colors are absolutely gorgeous, not to mention I get a brush instead of the 24/7 liners. Personally, I prefer the brush over the liner because I know it's a kohl liner and those stuff runs out quick since it's so creamy and when I glide it on my eyes a big chunk of it ends up on me. I'll probably appreciate the brush more. It's not bad, maybe a bit stiff but quite soft.

All-in-all, the night was absolutely perfect.
Fine dining.
Good company.
Great gifts.
a one of a kind boyfriend <3

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, February 18, 2011

El'view: Clean and Clear - Blackhead Clearing Scrub

Claims: Treats acne and clears blackheads. It gently exfoliates and removes dirt and impurities. It contains salicylic acid acne medication and is recommended for daily use.

Price: anywhere between $5-10

Pros: Clears blackheads away. Small grains helps remove the top layer of dirt. Has a nice creamy texture to it.

Cons: Smells a bit like medication. Dries up the skin a bit. Breaks me out through consecutive uses.

Overall: Bare in mind that I have combination-oily skin and my t-zone is the most oiliest spots. During the change of seasons, my cheeks and the areas around my mouth are extremely dry. So, with that said I'm not really lovin' this product. I mean, it's more of a love and hate relationship with this. Although it's recommended for daily use, I break out using this product on consecutive days. Therefore, my solution is not to use it so often. I would have to use it once or twice a week max. But, I do like how it clears away my blackheads. I see a difference after each time I use it. I like using the scrub on my nose a lot since that's where majority of my blackheads are. Since I don't love this product so much, I do tend to neglect it. So, now I use it whenever I have a special event or I see that my blackheads are crazy visible. This product does leave my face a bit dry after I use it since it strips away oil and dirt. Most likely I won't re-purchase it.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Early Valentine's Day Look

Valentine's Day is inching closer. Actually, it's pretty much tomorrow.
Hope everyone will enjoy the love in the air.

I did a quick look in honor of this holiday, even though it's just a Hallmark holiday. But nonetheless it's a reason to dress up and look pretty, either for your significant other or with a group of friends.

I did a really simple look with pinks, purples, and reds. This is more of a dramatic look but it does scream attention to the eyes.

Truthfully, I used a lot of random products for this look. You can use any similar colors to achieve the same thing. You can always experiment around and find the perfect colors that suit your eye and entire face.

I went really simple with the lips. A nice light matte pink color since my eyes are going crazy all over. I used the Victoria's Secret matte lipstick in Breathe. I think they discontinued this line because I don't see it on their website anymore.

Might I add this color nail polish is really pretty and it's worth their price.
It's only $1 on
I already own two of their nail polishes but recently they have been adding more colors to their collection and I feel in love with this one.

The color is in Metal Madness. It looks a lot lighter on the website but I'm not complaining because the color is really unique. It's a metallic gunmetal color with flecks of shimmer in them. I'll be sticking to this nail polish for the Valentine's week. Who said it's all about bright red and pink colors?

How are you all spending your Valentine's?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Lunar New Year + Big Thank You

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!
Another year had passed and this year it's the year of the rabbit or the Vietnamese would say it, the year of the mèo.

I wish everyone happiness, luck, health, and also get what you hope for =D

Now, onto some nail polish. I was going around looking for Black Shatter by luck. So, I stopped by Sephora to get myself some concealer and the bf pointed out the GLEE limited edition nail polish. It looked so adorable, I just had to get it!

They are extremely tiny, mini versions of the actual OPI size. They're like little samples for you. I think one bottle might last through 5ish time of usage? Assuming that I use two coats each time. But I just love how miniature it is!

See, small right?
I chose to wear Express Yourself to Yourself just because it's the reddest one, in mood of the Lunar New Year of course.
The funny thing about this color is, indoors under fluorescent lights my nails look bright fresh blood red with a hint of pink undertone. Outdoors under the sunlight, my nail looks orange red with no pink undertone whatsoever. Weird but cool.

So, I came home today and saw a package on my table. It was from Steph from Julu Jewelry, I recently won a giveaway from her. Thank you so much Steph! You're so kind!!!

What was in the package. card! Love pink anything. Green tea tube, nail stickers Godiva chocolate, bitter almond kit that's something new.
And the lovely jewelery that I won!

Really nice ring right?
I love it. I really like how there's the black crystals. Been really into this black and white kind of theme lately with jewelry, gives it a sort of daring feeling.

Cute pair of earrings. I saw it and was like Omg this is perfect for the New Year.

Yea, I know it sort of matches my nails. You could barely tell if it's my nails or the earring. So pretty <3

Thank you Steph once again!
Please check her blog here and store here.