Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Lunar New Year + Big Thank You

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!
Another year had passed and this year it's the year of the rabbit or the Vietnamese would say it, the year of the mèo.

I wish everyone happiness, luck, health, and also get what you hope for =D

Now, onto some nail polish. I was going around looking for Black Shatter by luck. So, I stopped by Sephora to get myself some concealer and the bf pointed out the GLEE limited edition nail polish. It looked so adorable, I just had to get it!

They are extremely tiny, mini versions of the actual OPI size. They're like little samples for you. I think one bottle might last through 5ish time of usage? Assuming that I use two coats each time. But I just love how miniature it is!

See, small right?
I chose to wear Express Yourself to Yourself just because it's the reddest one, in mood of the Lunar New Year of course.
The funny thing about this color is, indoors under fluorescent lights my nails look bright fresh blood red with a hint of pink undertone. Outdoors under the sunlight, my nail looks orange red with no pink undertone whatsoever. Weird but cool.

So, I came home today and saw a package on my table. It was from Steph from Julu Jewelry, I recently won a giveaway from her. Thank you so much Steph! You're so kind!!!

What was in the package. card! Love pink anything. Green tea tube, nail stickers Godiva chocolate, bitter almond kit that's something new.
And the lovely jewelery that I won!

Really nice ring right?
I love it. I really like how there's the black crystals. Been really into this black and white kind of theme lately with jewelry, gives it a sort of daring feeling.

Cute pair of earrings. I saw it and was like Omg this is perfect for the New Year.

Yea, I know it sort of matches my nails. You could barely tell if it's my nails or the earring. So pretty <3

Thank you Steph once again!
Please check her blog here and store here.



  1. awww those polishes are sooo cute =)

  2. I've been eying the Glee collection and same here about Black Shatter :P It's been OOS at my local Ulta every time I go -_-

    and ahhh Julu Jewelry ^_^ I love Steph's stuff :) You're totally in theme for Lunar New Years ^_^

  3. OH i like the nail polish set, good buy!

  4. those nail polish looks great, I like the red color! and it matches those cute star earrings of yours :)

  5. Omg I want to try Shatter really badly too! I was thinking about getting the Glee set, but after seeing how tiny they are in your photos, I change my mind lol >.<

  6. I've heard Black Shatter has been out EVERYWHERE, but two of the ULTA that I regularly go to still have them. I wasn't really interested in it at first, but I picked one up just because of the!

  7. OMG!!!! I love your nail polishes, fantastic!!

    ...OH MY VOGUE!