Monday, January 31, 2011

Forever21 Brushes

I recently found out that Forever21 was carrying brushes. I also heard they were really soft and inexpensive, so I had to check it out and grab me some to try.

The following were the only brushes that I can find at the F21 stores by me. If you own or have seen other kinds, please let me know!

Everything I bought was pink and white, which made it look ultra cute.

I think it's a body powder buffer because that is way too big for the face. I saw the packaging and I just had to get it, using it will be another story but it was just too cute to pass. And it's extremely soft.

Another brush I got was a face powder brush. This is my favorite.
Really soft and wide. Haven't tried it yet, hopefully it won't be a disappointment.

Those are the rest of the brushes. A blush brush which was too narrow, so I probably will be using that to brush off the fall-outs on my cheek. There's a lip brush, sponge brush, eyeshadow brush, brow and lash comb. The additional brush on the right is a define-angle brush.

Fairly happy with the purchase since the most expensive item was only $4.80 and that was the brush set. I think the main reason I got these brushes was because they had a hint of pink in nearly all of them. I love the color pink!



  1. Very pretty!!! I love the puff and pink tipped face brush!

  2. That;s so cute.. =) THe face powder brush looks really soft... o_O

  3. I've seen lip and eye products at F21, but I didn't know they sold brushes. The pink tipped brush is really cute :)

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