Monday, April 22, 2013

Maine - peaceful and quiet

So yes, I've realized that the last time I posted was almost about a year ago. I just lost interest in blogging and just wanted to take a break. But now I decided to come back and just document random things that I think is worthy of "show and tell" and also as a reference for myself.

This past weekend I went to Maine with my boyfriend to visit his cousins. We drove a good 7 hours, actually he drove, I can imagine how tired he got. They live about 2 hours away from Portland, Maine; pretty much a small quite town. Everything is accessible by car, you can try to walk but there's absolutely no sidewalk to walk on and not a single sight of a person...only cars. The only people I saw were hitchhikers, pretty creepy.

The food in Maine was good. The seafood was fresh and I've learn to eat Maine steamers, definitely tasty.

1. pit-stop at Lobster Landing in Connecticut for the lobster roll
2. one of the service area we stopped to rest, the only moose I saw in Maine
3. my favorite white wine at Massimo's in Maine
4. beautiful cherry blossom artwork at the cousin's house
5. delicious brunch, Chicken Fried Steak is bomb
6. Maine steamers which requires some hard work to eat