Monday, February 28, 2011

Big Bang Clothing Line @ Uniqlo

Hey beauties

Just want to share with you all real quick with what I bought today. I've been waiting for this day for so long just because it has to do with Big Bang!

If you don't already know, Big Bang is a Korean band that is really popular now in Korea and Japan. Their sense of style and music is really modern and catchy. Since they do a lot of concerts in Japan, Uniqlo - a Japanese brand clothing store decides to collaborate with them and do a line of t-shirts and hoodies with them.

Different Uniqlo stores are hosting this clothing launch. I had to call the one in Soho, NYC a couple of times to get the dates right. I don't know if they still have it in stores but you can give it a try if you live around then neighborhood.

I was #8 on line

They only sectioned a small part of the store for the Big Bang clothing launch... I was a bit disappointed. I mean they got fans here in the U.S. also and I think they deserve a lot better than just a small section in the store.

They had so many t-shirts but only these 3 appealed to me. Hot right?
I mean it's a nice way to show them some love.

I can't wait to wear the hoodies!
Since the clothes were in men sizes, I had to buy a size smaller and hopefully they fit because they don't go lower than an XS there.

Toodles love!


  1. I'm so FUCKEN jealous.....I seriously need to get one. I will call tomorrow...but seriously NO FAIR.....I want the black tee with all the colorful names and the gray hoodie.....

  2. Nice haul! I love their new album :D I didn't know they had a clothing line though :)

  3. ooo cool.. i think my life is too busy to get 2 know all these music groups n stuff.. plus i guess cuz i’m currently more into drama..ha.. =) glad you got what you wanted!

    so you like food pixx? actually I like looking at them too~~ =P somehow it’s just satisfying to look at yummy food.. haha

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo
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  4. =) that’s a good idea too~ though cooking it first would probably have to be scramble egg instead, or else the york might be cut & leak! ^^ heheh

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo
    *deco mirror giveaway*