Monday, March 7, 2011

The Effects of Shatter

Finally, I recently got the OPI Black Shatter that everyone was raving about. Because of the rave, I really wanted to get my hands on this nail polish. I'm sure there are other similar polished out there that gives the same effect but I actually knew about it after OPI.

Btw gals, the Silver Shatter is suppose to be coming out in the next month or two. I'm looking forward to that one more since I can put a dark base underneath rather than a light base with this one.

The consistency of Black Shatter is a lot thicker than the usual nail polish, unless it's just me.
The brush was also a lot more flatter.

So with that said, I just applied the shatter on and literally each nail looks uberly different. I know this nail polish gives random cracks on the nails but mine was totally weird!

On nails:
Base Coat
OPI Teenage Dream
OPI Black Shatter
Top Coat

I have three different effects that the shatter had made on my nails, and I finally know why... please don't mind my dry nails, I just want to show you all the different effects.

In the picture above, the cracks that the Black Shatter made are a lot closer to each other. The gaps aren't that big and the black polish are more elongated than chunky.
With this effect, you need to apply a really think layer of Black Shatter. Do not pick up your brush and reapply another coat in the area you already brushed because the extra coat will make the crack thick.

If you had done what I said about reapplying another coat on top then the effect would look like this. The cracks are bigger, this is probably the perfect shatter effect that the polish gives.

Lastly, this really chunky looking effect is when I picked up a lot of nail polish and just placed it on my nail and brushed it in the same area a couple of times. I find this so unattractive. The cracks and gaps are huge and the black polish looks way too chunky. But it does show the glitters from Teenage Dream.

I hope this was clear and helps you guys, but trial and error is best.
What do you like to put under Black Shatter?



  1. I like to put bright colors under black shatter. :)) most fav one is China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy under blk shatter!

  2. Titanium Necklaces Titanium Necklaces
    Today is March 8, women wish the whole world happy holidays, always beautiful!
    besides,thanks for your sharing!

  3. a cracking effect, nice. I like to try different nail arts, and this one is the nice addition in my nail-to-do list. Nice application and great concept. I like the effect alot. Great sharing dear

  4. I've always wanted to try the cracked polishes but it's hard to find :(

  5. What an awesome addition to my nail art catalog. I always like to do experiments on my nails, whether they are french-tips, or the nail arts. This is such a great effect of the cracking nails. Love it

  6. That's so beautiful. Its a perfect effect, but from where can I find this on internet? As I don't live in Europe, so how can I find it :(

  7. @Solar Panels - I've been looking all over the internet for it too but it was all sold out. The silver shadow will be coming out in May along with the Pirates of the Caribbean collection, so watch out for that and be the first to get it! =]