Sunday, February 13, 2011

Early Valentine's Day Look

Valentine's Day is inching closer. Actually, it's pretty much tomorrow.
Hope everyone will enjoy the love in the air.

I did a quick look in honor of this holiday, even though it's just a Hallmark holiday. But nonetheless it's a reason to dress up and look pretty, either for your significant other or with a group of friends.

I did a really simple look with pinks, purples, and reds. This is more of a dramatic look but it does scream attention to the eyes.

Truthfully, I used a lot of random products for this look. You can use any similar colors to achieve the same thing. You can always experiment around and find the perfect colors that suit your eye and entire face.

I went really simple with the lips. A nice light matte pink color since my eyes are going crazy all over. I used the Victoria's Secret matte lipstick in Breathe. I think they discontinued this line because I don't see it on their website anymore.

Might I add this color nail polish is really pretty and it's worth their price.
It's only $1 on
I already own two of their nail polishes but recently they have been adding more colors to their collection and I feel in love with this one.

The color is in Metal Madness. It looks a lot lighter on the website but I'm not complaining because the color is really unique. It's a metallic gunmetal color with flecks of shimmer in them. I'll be sticking to this nail polish for the Valentine's week. Who said it's all about bright red and pink colors?

How are you all spending your Valentine's?


  1. Wow, I'm totally loving the ELF nail polish! Love that it's not the typical steel cream colour that everyone's been loving lately..

    Sale shopping should be a job! It takes serious commitment to go through every single item on a sale rack in case you find one hidden gem.. that's why I always recommend shopping when you actually have the time, not when you want to kill an hour or two!

  2. I definitely agree that it's not all about the reds and pinks. Metallic gunmetal screams personality. I hope you have a great vday!

  3. Love the makeup look! Very pretty :)

  4. 1st off, I'm jealous of your eyes. I wish I had eyes like yours. I have almost a monolid and I wish I had a crease.

    2ndly, you totally rocked the lashes along with the pink e/s. I'd look like a clown.