Monday, October 4, 2010

Hair Color Fail + NOTD

So, as of late I decided to dye my hair a different color since the last color I dyed it was literally fading away. I decided to use Garnier Nutrisse in Medium Intense Auburn... boy it was a fail.

The color was suppose to come out like the chick on the box. I thought I would get it all over my hair but apparently not. This happens all the time I dye my hair. The strands doesn't seem to soak in the color fully. I guess I just have to go to the salon and get it done the right way.

My attempt at taking a picture with the parts of my hair that shows the color. You can see just a hint of it under the fluorescent light, but in sunlight it was boom pow wow! No sunlight in NY for the past 2 days so no photo of bright hair... =[

My work bathroom was pretty neat to take photos. No one is there half the time. Now all they need is a full length mirror so I can show ya'll my outfits. Yea, it was freezing cold my office so I kept the scarf on... though it was so thin it didn't do much.

My boring eye-look whenever I go to work. Slab on a shimmery or matte shadow all over lid, eyeliner and mascara and I'm good to go. That was after a long day of work so my lashes didn't look happy, and you can tell my eyes are getting droopy and tired... haha

I don't look too tired here... quite natural I might say. And dam my hair is growinggg.

Yayyy a chirpy photo! I wonder what haircut I should have next, hair growing out and the a-line bob is looking shaggy on me. But it's still too short to layer or any of that sort. Any ideas ladies?


Feeling a bit classy and "clean" if you know what I mean. Went for the french nails. Did them all on my own, boy it was difficult to do my right nails since I'm not a lefty! Came out pretty decent for an at-home manicure. I realized I don't like leaving my nails uncolored because it's so thin and soft with no polish on. Plus it looks better and it shows that you're more well-groomed =]

Until next time chicas

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  1. i love how you always do ur nails. i agree, it does show how put together a person is. how often do you redo/repaint them? i wish i wasn't so lazy to do mine often.