Thursday, October 14, 2010

My New Love

I finally got myself a pair of booties. I never seem to find the right pair that's comfortable and looks nice. I feel like I have deformed feet and it's so hard to find ones that doesn't squeeze my web feet. But, I went on a serious mission today to find some sort of new shoes for myself. It was either going to be booties, over the knee boots, or tall boots. I was hoping to find a sexy pair of over the knee boots but that was no luck.

I mean, I went to DSW, found the boot on display that I like, want to try them on, and they don't have any sizes of those boots at all except the sample display. How disappointing. I saw a couple online also... tried to find them. Only found one (what a fail) and it was hugging my leg crazily. I was wearing skinny jeans, so I guess my leg needs to be naked or to have leggings on. Well, at least I know the over the knee boots at DSW won't be doing me any good. Off to look somewhere else for them schmexy high boots!

Luckily, I found myself a pair a pretty black sueded boots... so cuuute!

That red box with black lettering is so darn hot!

Aren't they just cute?
I can't wait to wear these with skinny jeans, leggings, dresses, and skirts! They practically work with every outfit. Not to mention the little button on the side adds a little comfort and autumn feel to the whole boot thing.
DSW still have these in store, so check them out or snag yourself a pair if you love them like I do =D



  1. cuuuuteee~ One thing I love about winter is that you get to wear boots ^^

  2. My rule of thumb is.. If the heel is higher than 3-4 inches, make sure it has a platform.. I have shoes that are 4 and without, and although they are doable, I know my feet would be a lot happier if they did have the bit of help!

  3. Nice boots!!! It looks so comfy just by looking at it! :D I want!! :D

  4. Oh boy, I wish I didn't see this post! It makes me want to go, click away and purchase these!


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