Sunday, October 10, 2010

Been Blinging

I went out this weekend with the bf to shop around. It was a nice day here in NYC and perfect to go out and enjoy the sun and light breeze. Winter is coming faster than I thought, the weather here is changing quite fast. Chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon... I feel like I'm going to get sick soon -_-"

Jeans from Aeropostale
Top from Forever21
Moto jacket from Armani Exchange

The whole outfit was very chic and comfortable. The top gave a flowy, girlie touch to it while the jacket gave it some rock hard masculinity.

Had my nails did too. I've been lovin' matte nail polishes! Gives that fall feel to it and it looks a lot neater on the hand. I absolutely looove this color, Casting Call. It reminds me of a mauvey-ish color with pink undertone. Amazing on the fingers, and it pretty much looks just like it is in the photo above.
Sephora OPI are true to color so far. Every color I got and put on looks exactly like the bottle... at least the matte colors do, as for the shimmery and glittery ones... I have yet to try them.

So, I went shopping with the bf... more like he shopped and I tagged along. I don't know, I just don't like shopping in person. I hate it when there's so many people in a store and I can barely move. I rather be comfortable and at ease shopping online. Oh... did I mention I also hate waiting on line for those fitting rooms?

While the bf was shopping, I literally walked off and went to Forever21.. yea I'm so bad.

I found this last pair and was like it would sooo come in handy one day. So, I got it! They had tons of the white/creamy colored ones but I like the black a lot more!

Addition to the earring, I got 3 rings... well more like 6. I don't know if Forever21 had this before but the new banded rings are elastic, which means they can fit on any finger! Yayyy now it's one size fits all =D
Those 4 rings in the front... is absolutely gorgeous. Two of them have diamonds on it while the other 2 are plain. I like the little curve it has, makes it looks so much more sophisticated.



  1. I can't click on post a comment without clicking this blog entry first! (just wanted to let you know)

    I seriously doubt I'll be able to get a scarf like the ones I posted for under 50 bucks... but I can always dream! They can double as a blanket, they honestly look soooo warm.

  2. I love your outfit and I love the nail polish! :) *subscribed* ^^

  3. that's a super nice nail color!! I am going to buy it today aahhahaha. And haha yeah, I was afraid to use it at first but I read reviews to make sure. The eyelid primer from Elf work almost the same as urban decay.. texture feels oily. >.< but my eyeshadow actually last 11 hours til it creased a bit. it's very good for a buck.

  4. very cute outfit and I absolutely love the nail colour! It's just so simple, girly and really pretty. Oh and good call on the jewellery - they would probably go with almost any outfit :)

  5. i love the earrings you bought^^ very creative and vintage :)
    drey jewelry.