Tuesday, October 19, 2010

El'view: Sabon Body Scrub

SABON Body Scrub in Lavender Apple

: Get rid of dead skin cells to reveal a newer layer of radiant skin. Nourish the skin and keeps it smooth. Gives the skin a more youthful glow.

Price: $30 according to the Sabon website

Pros: Smells extremely good. Really exfoliate the skin with the sea salt. Even if you scrub hard it wouldn't be too harsh because the oils help soothes it. It has a little spoon that comes with the scrub.

Cons: It contain oil which makes it really smooth and slippery. Hard to open the lid because of the oil.

Overall: I really like this scrub, especially since it was a birthday gift. I think I would purchase this because it smells extremely crazy good. I mean, I still smell the scent a couple of hours after I showered, that's pretty awesome. Love the color also, pretty pinky peach color. The packaging totally got me. The scrub feels really soothing in the shower and the sea salt really exfoliates the skin. That means it actually works while making me smell good. I'm curious as to how the other scrubs smell, and if they work also.

That's the little wooden spoon which it came with. Gives such an earthy feel.

There's a layer of oil on top. So, remember to mix the jar well before scooping any out to use.

The sea salt is really small and fine but I wish it was even smaller. The glistening you see on top is the oil. When you apply this on your skin and start to move in circular motions, it feels like you're getting a massage.

Total win for me.
I get to exfoliate, smell good, and remove dead skin cells.


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  1. I've tried this too - omg, i was really skeptical at first but theyr body scrubs are amazing! When you go to their store they let you try all the body scrubs so it's really fun ^_^