Friday, May 13, 2011

NOTW - Steady As She Rose

So, I heard Blogger has been down for maintenance and nearly all the posts that were posted from yesterday or the day before got lost? That totally blows but what can you do? I'm sure Blogger is trying to restore as much as possible. Boy, am I glad I didn't lose any posts.

There were only a couple of polishes from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection that appealed to me. I like how milky and lavender this color looks. I'm really into the mellow, tone-down, pastel colors this season. 


  1. =) i don’t think I lost any post either. lucky us <3

    I like the nail color~ pretty nice ~ although it might not fit me well @@

    xoxo Hitomineko xoxo

  2. I have yet to pick anything up from this collection but I just saw "Mermaid tears", I don't know if it's from the same collection but I want it. It's a minty green, slightly jadeish.

    BTW I love the little deco you added to your nail. :)

  3. I look like I jumped out of a helicopter LOL. PS, your food blog is totally drool worthy!

  4. Taeyang is 24 in korean years but 23 in american years. You got it right. :) I didn't think anyone else was going to point that out. Your definitely a BB fan. :)