Friday, May 20, 2011

NOTW - Steady As She Rose REMIX

I came across Colette's blog - My Simple Little Pleasures and she does these amazing water marble nails. It pretty much convinced me to try it out myself.

Two different designs on the index nail because I was trying this out for the first time. Finding colors that work with each other was also a challenge. The best part is that I know I'm putting my nail polishes to good use and not wasting them.

Btw, I'm still in love with OPI - Steady As She Rose


  1. Marble nails are cool but they are too much of a mess for me. I think the colors you chose came out nice.

  2. The marbling looks great! I've wanted to try it for awhile but it looks like too much work for me lol

  3. That nail color is sexy! I dig that!

    HAHA, thanks for your comment ; D I get plenty of sleep. I go to bed when y'all wake up, and I wake up when y'all are safe in bed at night [insert pedo-bear here]. Haha!

    LOL. flabby-LOOKING, it aint. But it IS flabby! D: ughh! I wanna tone up tho! In a month.. TWO maybe, then I shall be sexy!

  4. I would've never guessed that this was your first time trying out water marbling ! Looks pretty gosh darn good if you ask me :D I've always wanted to try it, but keep putting it off for another day being too afraid I wouldn't have the patience to finish all 10 fingers or only have my right had marbled or something. lol But what good idea, maybe I'll start off with just two fingers too :)

  5. That color looks great! I just got it and can't wait to try it. Oh to answer your Q about the thumb ring: its from for love 21 but its been a while so guessing its sold out..hope you found some other awesome ones!