Monday, May 30, 2011

El'view: It's Skin - Cleansing & Massage Honey Nutri Cleansing Milk

Claims: To cleanse impurities and takes off make-up. It has moisturizing ingredients like honey and ginseng to keep the skin soft and moist. It also removes dead skin cells that are delicate and hard to rid.

Price: About $9-10

Pros: The formula is really soft with microbeads. Scent is quite pleasant, smells like almonds and honey. Has a pump nozzle which dispense a right amount for the entire face.

Cons: Small bottle and hard to find.

Overall: I really enjoy this cleansing milk because it work great for sensitive skin. With two pumps I can get rid of the oils and make-up on my face. If you don't like foaming face wash this would be a nice product to look into. The scent is sweet with a faint honeyness to it. There are also grains of beads which I assume are the honey extract, they dissolve once you massage your face with the cleanser which is nice because the honey extract is suppose to brighten your skin.
I've been using this product for 2 weeks and it had kept my face from breaking out. I like how soft and silky the cleanser feels and it leaves your skin feeling smooth afterward.

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  1. heyy just came across your blog :)
    i read the review and was sold when i saw "great for sensitive skin" lol!