Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jewelmint # 2

I got this in the mail yesterday and I absolutely love it.

I get really excited when the beginning of the month is here because I can get to choose a piece of jewelry for myself. I can always get more but I'm limited myself to one piece a month which is pretty good self-control.

The piece shown here is the Soulmate Bangle.
Find your perfect piece of jewelry here -- Jewelmint


  1. Hi Elle! Love those linked bangles! Thanks for still visiting my blog haha, its been so long!

  2. the bangle is beautiful~~~i actually went on the website to check out their stuff, they have very decent pieces~~~

    i luv how the bangle is tangle with 2 pieces the circle and the heart, is there anywy to seperate them???lol just curious~~~

  3. I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of Jewelmint. It's typical of online companies to 'hire' youtubers just to have them take something and blow it out of proportions. They did it with SOOO many things by now that I'm just very skeptical. >_<" BH Cosmetics, LEVI's, Jewelmint.. yeah, they're all doing it! And it bothers me a little.. *sigh^*

    Thank you for your comment <3 Haha, aw I'm glad u like my entry! I've always been told that my way of typing is pretty illustrative. Haha! SHOW ME YOUR NAKED FAAAAACE! *demands* DO ET! \(Ò__ó)

    Yeah I know, right? It's stupid. >_<" NEVER mix nuts and chocolate. I know that a lot of people say it's healthy, but I just don't like it! >_<" ughh

  4. I saw this bangle set and I was kinda lost as to how to wear it.....please post a pic up so we can see. :)

    Anyways, the thumb ring Im wearing is actually from Kohl's, from their sterling line. I love it and I wear constantly.