Wednesday, October 7, 2009

El'Giveaway: Stacieeelovesit

Stacieee is having a giveaway on her blog for having 200+ followers! She's a really sweet and pretty girl. Her blog is pretty random, that's what I like! She also does outfit of the day and look of the day with lots of pictures. She also started to make bracelets and the winner of this contest will get her handmade bracelets. They're really pretty, makes me wonder when she's going to sell them.

If you're interested, check out her blog --> Stacieee 200+ followers giveaway

Just to show you all her pretty-ful bracelets, I'm in love <3

all courtesy to Stacieee's website for these pictures

Aren't they gorgeous? There's so many talented people out there now, don't even need to go to stores to buy them... lol

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  1. Hey Elle~ thanks for joining the giveaway! Yeah actually my eyes are like yours too. One side is monolid and the other is sometimes double eyelid. But we can still make it work ;) I use False lashes to even out my eyes, because they give my eyes double lids. Have you tried?