Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dumpling Festival 2009 in NYC

The Dumpling Festival was the past Saturday and it took me this long to blog about it, I'm ashamed! Anywhose, the festival was fun... fun in the rain. The rain was on and off and was driving me nuts but they had giveaways at the end and we need to be there to get the prizes. There were so many yummy dumplings, I was too busy eating to take any photos >.<

But I did get a shot with the dumpling mascot, big head, kept knocking me further away! Oh, plus that creepy dude that smiled for the camera also. I would crop him out but it wouldn't be that funny/queer/scary. lol

Then there's the dumpling eating contest which you have to eat as many as you can within 2 minutes, I've never seen a food contest before. I mean I saw it on TV, especially the Fourth of July hotdog eating contest. Boy does it look scary. But the people here makes it look so nice and formal, except for...

...the dude in the black cap that's worned backwards. He's like washing his face with the dumplings! He ate 52!

See that girl with the shades and the hood on, she was the winner last year. Only ate 33 this year and was beaten by the girl to her right. The russian chick ate 40, beating her record last year! The asian chick is crazy tho, the way she ate and her method, I would say pretty smarttt.
She put 1 dumpling in her mouth, bites it in half swallows. Puts in the 2nd one, does the same and then takes a sip of water. And she repeats that method STANDING UP! wowzers... then everyone started standing up lol

Big guys here, number 37 won it again this year. He wanted to beat his amount last year of 66 but only did 53, just enough to win it from the "washing the face" dude. lol

Truly a good experience, minus the rain that is. The best part, my boyfriend won the Kindle that cost like $260 on Amazon. Top prize =] I would love the pan/wok but I wasn't that lucky. Better luck next time.

How's everyone doing? It's raining insanely here in NY for the past 2 days and tomorrow is gonna be nice and sunny? The weather is messin' with me, trying to get me sick here.

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  1. lol Dumpling eating contest. How do you prep for a food contest? Not eat for 2 days? I would get so sick after like...10.

    It rained here a lot too. I live near D.C. EAAAAAAAAAAST COOOAST! lol