Wednesday, September 30, 2009

El'Nail: Simple light pink with flowers

I was walking around at Duane Reade during my lunch break and picked up a few things, more like only 3 things and also like 5 bags of the Duane Reade Delish rice chip thing-ma-jig lol They're actually really good and it's only 99 cents this week, it would be $1.59 if you don't have their club card. Only bad thing is there isn't much inside the bag, but it's sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.

left to right -- NYC Metro Quartet in The Best of Broadway
NYC Love Letters in #146A
SinfulColors in #265 Cetus (I hope I got that right)

Now onto the nails that I just did, really simple and easy. I don't think it can get any simplier than this, and it looks sooo cute! Hope you like it.

Starting off with -- Bedazzle stickers (any stickers would do, but since I'm doing flowers I'll be using that)
-- any clear color nail topcoat
-- any light colored nail polish (here I used my new NYC #146A)
-- a tweezer of some sort

Step 1: clean your nails (as you can see my nails are deformed and dry)

Step 2: apply NYC #146A (first coat)

Step 3: apply second coat of NYC #146A

Step 4: use tweezer to remove the flowers from the plastic paper and apply it gently onto wherever you like on the nail

Step 5: apply more flowers onto the nail, this time I chose the smaller flowers

Step 6: finally, put the topcoat on your nails and it's done!

How simpe was that, wonder how long these are going to last on my nails before I redo them again. I'm trying to see if I can find the fine-point nail polishes so I can actually do my own drawings. Gosh, my hideous drawings hahaha


  1. Hey girl~ thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment =) They nails look so pretty btw! I have some of those nail art stickers, I should start using them again!

  2. I looove your nails! Sooo cute!