Thursday, October 3, 2013

iPhone Stand from Etsy

Remember I talked about mindless spending? Well, I did purchase this stand recently, but I wouldn't really consider it mindless. It's actually quite useful.

My iPhone has those privacy screen protector which means you can't see the screen from any angle unless you're staring at it straight on. Which means, whenever I'm at work I can't tell if someone text, message, or calls me. I have my phone on vibrate and so does my coworker which sits literally right near me, so we always look at our phones when we hear a buzz. It would make more sense to invest in a phone stand so I can just see the screen whenever I hear a buzz.

I was contemplating on where to purchase a phone stand because I want it to be sturdy and looking pretty at the same time. I turned to Etsy since that's where I also got my phone case. They have really great selections on Etsy and a lot of their items are handmade.

I landed upon Hannah's Ideas in Wood shop and instantly fell in love with the items. Majority of the items are made of wood and it looked so chic and sophisticated. There were other lovely things such as iPad stands, vases, pens, combs, and even key holders. But all I need was the iPhone stand so I quickly placed that order before I mindlessly start adding other things from Etsy into my shopping cart.

The package came within a week which wasn't bad at all. The packaging was really pretty though, it took me 3 days to open it because I just couldn't undo the bow (I know, pretty lame). The stand is pretty light and I love how you can just combine the pieces together. It's also cable friendly which means you can charge your phone while it sits on the stand, really nice feature. I figured since I can take them apart, I would just put them in my bag and carry it around, in which I would rather not keep it at work.

I have to say, this was one of the better purchases I've made in a while. I've got compliments already.


I am not affiliated with or sponsored by Hannah's Ideas in Wood; the item was bought on my own and my opinions are honest.

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