Monday, September 30, 2013

Coming back

I've definitely been slacking off. I guess I just couldn't find the motivation to blog anymore hence the lack of posts. But it doesn't mean that I'm not active, I've been reading other blogs and commenting. Which then made me realized that I do want to blog again, but the topic is usually - what to blog about. I've been spending mindlessly these past 3 months which means a lot of random useless things, but there are great finds that I did get. Definitely put that together in a post.

I've been reading and following a lot of fashion blogs lately on bloglovin (follow me!) and it inspired me a bit to start keeping my own LookBook but I need a photographer, or a tri-pod and finding a photographer would be a lot cheaper for me...haha. Also, I am updating my Food Blog on a regular basis (more regular than this blog - sorry!).

So, the past few months has been swell. I went sky-diving for the first time and it was incredible. Also got my driver's license on the first try, woohoo! Attended my first Electronic Dance Event, boy it was insane! Did a NYC scavenger hunt, which was crazy because it was hot that day. My summer was a bit exciting even though I didn't exactly go anywhere on vacation (I had classes in July and August!).

A little update to ease myself back into the blogosphere!

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