Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Blog Layout

I have been thinking of changing the layout of my blog for the longest time. I don't understand the html and css coding to an extent that I can make my own layout but I do know the basics, like alignments, fonts, sizes and linking webpages and images. Plus, a lot of these can be searched on the internet if you have the time and effort. But creating a whole new layout for a blog would be too time consuming.

I really didn't know where to look for blogger templates but then I gave Etsy a shot since they basically have everything on that website. I totally hit the jackpot!

There were so many different layouts to choose from and you can even have the creator help you through private messaging them. I purchased mine from Pixelzine, this layout is called Strawberry Cheesecake. I instantly got drawn to the simplicity and hint of light pink. I messaged Andreea (the owner of the shop) and she was quite fast with answering my questions. I was confident in her help therefore I knew she would be a good seller to choose to do business with.

The process was simple. Once I purchased the item, there was a link for me to instantly download the whole file. Within the zip file, you basically have everything you need along with a document telling you how to install the new template.

There are many other templates by other authors/owners on Etsy you can choose from. This is definitely one of the easy way out to changing a blog layout.


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