Friday, November 19, 2010

Blushin' Shoes

Load and behold, Rock and Republic blushes.

I previously owned 2 (Call Me and Kinky) which I bought from HauteLook because they were really cheap. I got them half off and it's rare that Rock&Republic blushes goes on sale. So this time around, at the Rock&Republic website, they had discounts after discounts. There was a 20% code floating around and since I'm a first time purchaser I get an additional $25 credit deduct from my total, how sweet is that?! Oh, and shipping was just 99 cents.

So, I had to snag whatever they have in stock on the website. I wasn't going to give this chance up at all.
I really like R&R blushes because they're really pigmented, and for the price it's totally worth it. I got 4 more blushes for just $60, unbelievable... I know!

I first heard of these from Jen, she's so sweet and has a great in depth blog about nearly everything. The design of the blushes to the actual product is truly worth their retail of $40 each. But paying for less always makes us happy =]
Look at the sleek packaging!
It's actually pretty bulky to bring around, so it's best to leave at home.

Top: Seduce, Lust, Call Me (shimmery colors)
Bottom: X-Rated, Immoral, Kinky (matte colors)

From L to R: X-Rated, Immoral, Kinky, Seduce, Lust, Call Me

I was waiting about a week for these blushes to come and when it did, I got so excited about them. I had to open them immediately and look at the pretty colors. When I was swatching, I do notice that the blushes with bits of shimmer in them seem to be a lot more softer. On the other hand, the matte colors are a bit harder to pick up when applying it with a brush... or maybe it's just me.

As of late, I've been looking out for some neat shoes. Every girl needs some sexy and comfortable boots, and don't forget about pumps!

Over-the-knee boots from Chinese Laundry. I got these from Bakers. Originally wanted to try the Tate but the salesperson bought out Chinese Laundry also. They pretty much look exactly the same but the only difference is at the heel.
The Tate is a wedged heel which is a lot more stiffer and harder, so when you walk you make the "clicking" sound.
Chinese Laundry has a regular small rubber heel, which makes your walking a lot smoother and doesn't hurt or put pressure on the heel as much.

This was probably my most loved pair that I got. It's so sexy. The shoe says it all.
I can't wait to wear it!



  1. Rock and Republic blushes are awesome! I love them! I can't believe you got 6. Lucky! =] I've been looking for nude pumps, but fail....I really like the boots you got too. They look comfy!

  2. wow! you have a lot of R&R blushes! my sister collects them too

  3. I actually love the dirty snow, isn't that so weird? LOL I love it when it gets all mushy. I always gather it into a pile and jump in it as hard as I can, over and over and over... I love the SPLAT sound it makes!

  4. The shoes are sooo gorgeous!
    Lurve it :D

  5. love those boots!
    and yes the nude heels are awesome!

  6. The R&R blushes are so pigmented and the packaging is so luxurious looking :D I missed out on the Hautelook sale but the shipping and duties and customs are quite exorbitant for Canadian customers :X

    Oooh I love the beige pumps! They look like they'd be very versatile! :D

  7. I never knew R&R even made cosmetics; I always associated the brand with their jeans :P And I love all the shoes you bought! I've been trying to find a pair of basic, flat, black leather boots like those for awhile now.

  8. I know this post is a bit older, but I am extremely jealous of you! Can't believe how lucky you many R&R blushes!!!