Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let the bells chimes in the whistling wind

Wedding on Halloween. That's right!

My boyfriend's cousin had their ceremony and reception this past Sunday. It was an Asian reception with friends and family. Instead of taking pictures of the place and everything, I was busy helping out and was the one being taken pictures of.

My outfit for the wedding reception. I thought this was just too cute to pass up on. One sided long sleeve dress and I added a belt for some texture and shape. I got this dress from Necessary Clothing.

It was crazy windy and cold on Halloween night, and I wore that with an overcoat and my circle scarf from American Apparel. It was still cold, I was bare legged! That's the price you have to pay for wanting to look all cute and schmexy.

Isn't the bouquet beautiful?
So simple yet so elegant.

So long story short... if I can make it short.
The bride and groom is really close to my bf so....
Time comes for the bride to throw the bouquet, I didn't want to go up since I'm technically not single but the groom made me! I stood on the side with my boyfriend's sister thinking we would probably never get the bouquet cause we're too off to the side. The bride's first attempt of throwing hit the chandelier and fell to the ground, so we did a redo. Just then, the groom whispered something to bride (no idea what) and suddenly the bouquet went flying towards my direction. But... my bf's sister caught it.

The bouquet was intentionally thrown to me but it missed me just a tad bit and landed in the sister's hand. LOL what luck! If I had gotten the bouquet, the groom and his best men and cousins would've made sure my bf caught the garter.
How sweet!

That's how I ended up with the bouquet at the end. 'Cause it was "suppose" to be mine. I got yelled at by the groom as to why I didn't catch it. Well, I actually could've jumped forward and caught it right before it landed in the sister's hands but then I would look desperate and that would be so wrong! Don't you guys agree?

Either way, I had tons of fun.

More weddings to come in the next coming year. Need more outfits and shoes!



  1. ehehe I love how Asians pretty much plan who gets to catch the bouquet xD Glad you had fun :) I love weddings but they make me a feel a bit old ^^;;

  2. Your dress looks so cute and I love how you paired it with that wide belt. Weddings are so much fun aren't they?^^ It's fun that the bride and groom decided to choose Hallowe'en as their special day hehehe

    Btw, I use Gel Look Top Coat as my last step when doing my nails, it usually make it dry faster. <3 tammy

  3. what a pretty bouquet!! your dress is super cute too :)


  4. cute dress and you look pretty (:
    xoxo its my first time visiting you btw :)

  5. Wow, that off-the-shoulder on one side dress looks so great on you, and the bouquet is so beautiful. :-)

  6. I really like your dress :)

    ps: Thanks for following :)