Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh... The beauty of it all

It took me a long while to post this entry up just because I've been working every single day for the past 2 weeks. I know that's pretty insane but I have two jobs and it really helps me out with repaying my loans. Anywhose, this post is a bit random with little bits of here and there that just happened since the last time I wrote.

Exciting news! At least for me it was. I won XJOLE's giveaway! It was shocking because it just came out of the blue, what a great incentive for working 14 days in a row! I literally rarely win anything, even lottery and scratch offs don't like me.

The oh-so-generous Joanna sent me a package with goodies which I wouldn't have expected!

Wow... MAC stuff? Thank you so much!!! <3>

She got me MAC e/s in Brill and and eyebrow pencil in Taupe.
I'm in love with the eyebrow pencil, I never new MAC made such nice eyebrow pencil!
Swatches are above.

NOTD - Summer Peach

I feel like I'm getting all this weather and color polishes all mixed up. Why am I wearing summery colors in the fall? But I have to say, it is a nice non-flashy color.

American Apparel branded polishes have gorgeous colors but the staying power is really poor. I wouldn't purchase them again even if their colors are sooo pretty. The nail polishes starts chipping and coming off in less than a week, and I already place a base and top coat. Disappointing, I know.

On a light note.
How about some pictures of eateries =D

Crawfish Stuffed Bread

Gator Bites (yes, it's alligator meat!)

Catfish Josh
(fried catfish with shrimp and crawfish in cheese sauce, sauteed greens)

Crawfish Mara
(spiral pasta with crawfish tails in spicy cream sauce)

Mara's Homemade
342 East 6th St
New York, NY 10003

I guess you guys figured out nearly all the dishes have crawfish in them because apparently, crawfish season is back! hahaha
I never had crawfish before but it sure taste like a cross between a mini lobster and a sun-dried shrimp. It was pretty good for a southern creole spot. I was actually more interested in the alligator meat. That was a first timer for me also, gosh I feel like a virgin talking about food now. Hope your mouth is drooling now! =D



  1. Oooooh but the Crawfish Mara...*drool* *drool* *drool*

  2. omg, all the food looks amazing! I am so hungry right now. crawfish!!

  3. whoa I actually really like the peach color :D sucks about the staying power tho :(

    and FOOOOOOOD!! What does alligator meat taste like?? It's funny that it should make a delicious meal b/c when you LOOK at an live alligator, they don't look so yummy ^_^;;

  4. *waves* Hi! Thanks for visiting. :) Congrats on winning the giveaway! That nail polish looks really nice on you. Sorry to hear the formula sucked though.

  5. WOW, gator bites! I never had the guts to try... and you're welcome for the goodies. :)