Monday, December 6, 2010

El'view: e.l.f. Studio Translucent Matifying Powder

Claims: Gives flawless skin that is smooth and is shine free. Sets and helps makeup last longer. The matifying effect makes the skin matte and diminishes the oil, revealing a more healthy looking skin.

Price: $3

Pros: It's a light powder that really matifies the skin. Doesn't clog pores and rids the oil that are on your face. Comes in a small compact with a sponge and mirror. It is a translucent powder so it would work on nearly all skin tones.

Cons: The sponge expands overtime and wouldn't fit in the given compartment which leads to difficulties in closing the compact. There is only one sponge, so you would have to purchase more individually or use a brush.

Overall: I really like this product, I even bought backups. I mean, you can't really go wrong with something this inexpensive and it works this well. I love using this after I blot my face with the blotting sheets since my t-zones are so oily after a long day. I can never find a powder that suits my skin tone and my skin type. I'm always afraid that it might discolor my face for choosing the wrong shades or the powder might dry my skin up. But this actually works for me, it's not heavy at all. I would say that this gives barely any coverage, it's geared more towards taking the shine away from your face. If you're really oily, then I would recommend this product. After blotting, just apply this on and you'll see how smooth your skin will be. This is one of my MP "most prized" products and "can't live withouts".



  1. Wow $3 is such a steal for foundation powder!! It's great that it works on you so well :)

  2. whoa, that good for only $3? wow~ when I hit pan on mu compact I may have to try this~ the set up reminds me of a nars palette ^_^