Monday, November 4, 2013

Deep Dulls for Colder Days

The weather has been pretty crazy lately. Extremely warm and beautiful one day, blistering cold winds the other. I'm still a bit sick and this bipolar weather really isn't helping much.

JDL and I decided to take it easy this past Saturday. We were going to run some errands in the city and relax at the same time. Yea, I know it's quite hard to do that especially when you're surrounded by busy New Yorkers.

Top: Express
Skirt: Loft
Shoes: Payless (similar here and here)
Necklace: Express
Tights: Uniqlo

While we were mellowing it out Saturday, Friday was fun also. We got to try this new wine bar near his workplace. It was cute and we love the vibe. Vitis La Vineria was ran by 2 ladies and they sure made it work. It wasn't too busy or crowded which is a plus. JDL and I had 3 glasses each which included a glass of champagne on-the-house, so bubbly!

After that, we grabbed a late night bite at Yakiniku West. Love me some barbeque even though I reek of fumes and smoke afterwards. Might I add, it was a bit tough getting in and out of my seat since it's the Japanese "sink-hole" seats. You have to remove your shoes at the door, which then the waiter leads you to the dining area with cushions on the floor. Very comfortable.

Trenches I've been starting to fancy, it would be a nice time now to start looking for one when Spring comes.


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