Friday, June 21, 2013

Forever Lusting

There has been a lot of things/items I've been wanting since I literally lost everything. I lust once in a blue moon and that lust just starts spreading to a lot of things. I just can't keep up with the fashion world and truthfully, sometimes I just really suck at finding good deals.

The Valentino 'Rockstud' T-Strap Pump have been on my list ever since I saw it. Seeing the shoe being worn by other bloggers makes me that more jealous. It retails for about $945, that's quite the price. I really like how classic it looks, especially in nude or as they call it Poudre. The simplistic color and height along with the studs makes it a girl next door meets rocker chick.

The fact that it's about $1k for a pair of shoes, I just can't justify that. Maybe if I won the lottery but I can't dish out that amount of money like other bloggers and fashion gurus do. Makes me wonder sometimes how they can afford it...

When it came to these Michael Kors watches, I was torn. MK has a lot of nice rose gold watches and what became my dilemma was, if it should be blinged or not. I haven't worn a watch in the past 10+ years and it would be nice to be back onto the bandwagon. It's stylist and I don't have to always take out my phone to look at the time.

The one on the left, Michael Kors Mini-Size Blair Multi-Function Glitz Watch retailing at $250 had that extra bling on it. What I thought was weird was the backdrop on the watch in the same color all around. Plus, the dials are numbered which I'm not a crazy fan of. But, I really do like that bling. The size is 33mm is a perfect size for a petite wrist. Plus if you're having all that bling there, you would want to have the size a bit smaller so it's not overly done.

The right watch, Michael Kors Mid-Size Rose Golden Stainless Steel Camille Chronograph Watch retails for the same price as the other one, $250. The difference is no bling, bigger size of 43mm, and the backdrop is white with roman numerals for the dials. I'm actually digging this more but the size is quite large, I might think otherwise if I try it in person. I'm really holding back because $250 for a watch is quite expensive but I also know for a fact that it will probably last a really long time.

This item will always be on my list. The first time I saw this bag (which was a good 3-4 years ago) I instantly fell in love with it. It looks classic yet elegant, could be worn to any event or even anywhere. It's just so versatile. The Balenciago Classic City Bag retails for $1,545, putting it as the most expensive on my list. I really can't find a good enough reason to spend that amount of money on a bag. Maybe when I make 6-figure income but even until then I might old and wrinkly haha...

These things will most likely have to wait for a long while since I have something else on my agenda that requires spending. My sin for gluttony is also a downside since I spend on that also, you can see the ridiculous amount of food on my other blog. As for now, these items and many more (they change every so often but these had been stickin' in my noggin for a while) will have to wait and just linger in my mind.

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