Thursday, June 27, 2013

Philadelphia - within a year and we're back :: Day 1 of 3

My boyfriend, 2 other friends and I were actually planning to go Philly to skydive. We already had our tickets and even reserve a time to jump. But somehow it poured on the day of our jump and we had to reschedule it. Meaning, there will be another Philly trip sometime very soon.

This is actually the second time I visited Philly with my boyfriend, J. Our other friends, Susan and Samantha, not too sure about their standings on Philly. J and I knew there were some places we had to visit again, and when I say places, I basically mean food.

When we knew our jump was cancelled, we had to turn our car around and head back to Center City Philly. From there, we explored the Reading Terminal. Basically a market which comprise of food, produce, souvenirs and a lot more food!

Our first was the memorable Gator Gumbo. It was a lot spicier this time around, I had J finish it since the gumbo was started to burn. The gator sausage was really good, went extremely well with this dijon mustard they gave us.

And if that wasn't a good enough breakfast, we also got a Roast Pork Sandwich from DiNics. So insanely good, I love the broccoli rabe with the sharp provolone cheese. I never like cheese, but I'm slowly getting converted because of these great pairings.

So, walking around Reading Terminal J and I saw these mouthwatering donuts. It was also National Donut Day when we were there, it was very tempting but we had other donut plans for the day.

After much walking and pretty much satisfied our tummy for the meantime. We left and decided to go to a museum. Not just any museum, but the Mutter Museum. The museum where the most abnormal and oddest anatomy were to happen, graphic and utterly long descriptions. Very educational and also very gruesome, not for the faint of heart so beware. Unfortunately, it was closed on that Friday. Like literally everything was not going our way.

Instead, we drove around. J and I sort of gave Susan a little tour of Philly. Samantha met up with her cousin in which she missed out on the next few things.

Federal Donuts was what I was waiting for. Read up on it on another fellow food blogger and knew it was a must visit. Besides the donuts they also have fried chicken which I failed to take a picture of because I was too busy eating it that night.
The donuts were amazing. Soft and pillowing, tasted almost like a cake. I could probably finish all 3 if I didn't have to share it with J and Susan.

Susan was complaining how we're fattening her up. She's one of a lot of friends of ours that don't understand how we can stay so slim and yet eat so much. I'm sure she's jelly jelly. (Hi Susan, if you're reading this *waves*)

We also took some silly and normal photos while waiting for the deliciously fresh donuts.

See, I told you it was raining. But it didn't stop us from doing all these awesome things.

Haha, Mr. rabbit teeth!

Next stop? Another food spot!
I mean, since we're in Philly, gotta have some cheesesteak!

Definitely waste no time. We went to Geno's. Between Pat's and Geno's I like Geno's better. We could've went to Pat's too but someone was complaining she's too full and she's going to explode soon *ahem*Susan*ahem*

After all this food coma. We headed back to the hotel to rest a bit and get ready for the night.

I wanted to try out Cuba Libre because of Happy Hour they have there. Only thing was, HH happens only at the bar. Not complaining since standing would be a better idea if we're drinking.

We didn't order much to eat, but what J and I ordered were pretty good. The best would be the pork belly on the top right. We focused more on drinking, they have pretty good white sangrias here.

The night ended with us back at the hotel again. Drinking more wine and watching Say Yes to the Dress...happy times.

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