Thursday, May 2, 2013

Maybelline - Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil

I have been trying to look for another alternative for my brows beside using the MAC brow pencil (they can cost up to $17!). So, I finally was brave enough to venture out and try the drugstore brands. I had past history with brow pencils at drugstore, they either don't match my hair color/skin tone or the consistency is too dry.

I personally like Maybelline products the most when it comes to drugstore, I literally almost tried all their mascaras at some point. So, I walked in a CVS and went straight to the Maybelline aisle, in which I saw the Define-A-Brow and it instantly caught my eye.

It's the type with a twist-up application and not the sharpening type. I know some people don't like to sharpen their pencils because it feels like you're losing some of the product. Plus, this is a lot cleaner since all you need to do is twist.

The point is very fine and you can twist as much or as little you want when you apply. I suggest twisting really little as the tip can break off easily because it's so thin. I really have no use for the other side of the pencil, the comb. My brows aren't long, nor do I want them that long, to be able to comb them.

Maybelline has 4 different shades - light blonde, dark blonde, light brown and medium brown. At first I got the light brown (color on the bottom) which was definitely not the correct shade for my brows. I had to twirk it up a bit with some eyeshadows to make the color work on my face. The medium brown (color shown on top) was a bit more fitting but still on the lighter side. I end up using both to get a more suitable color for my brows which I find to work nicely.

So when in doubt, experience and play around!

The price was a lot more affordable than MAC, at CVS it was around $8 whereas at Walmart (where I got my second pencil) cost around $5. If only I can do all my drugstore makeup shopping at Walmart...

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