Friday, December 23, 2011

MyGlam 122011

I recently subscribed to MyGlam. It's very similar to Birchbox but is put together by stylists on YouTube. I was curious and since I was so disappointed with Birchbox last month, I wanted to give MyGlam a shot.

Let me say, I'm so glad I pursued it because I love the items that MyGlam provided!

If I'm not mistaken, MyGlam gives a new makeup bag each month. Although, I might be wrong but if it's true then that's a great incentive for subscribing to the website.

This item was was definitely fun to play with. Each sheet, thin just like a blotting sheet, act as a blush. Extremely convenient when you need to touch up on the go.

A decent size NYX Matte Lip Cream, I am in love! I adore NYX's product because it's inexpensive, has a wide range of colors and their products actually works well. I was excited to see this since I never tried their matte lip cream before and I really like it. 

I only wear waterproof mascara so this was a no-no for me.

 Another UDPP *runs around clapping* I'm still currently using the UDPP that came with the NAKED palette so I'm extremely happy that I won't need to purchase a primer anytime soon.

 Urban Decay shadow in Sin. A really nice shimmery taupe-y peach color perfect for highlighting the brow-bone. 

Blotting sheets, my holy grail item. They smell so good also, just like lavender.

So far, I am extremely satisfied with the items in MyGlam. The package just cost $10 a month with no shipping and handling fee. I have a subscription to Birchbox also and this is by far much better than Birchbox. Can't wait for next months!

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