Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Montreal - Day 3

Feeling like kids in a candy shop

Sunday was a dreary day so J and I wanted to spend some of time indoors. We plan on going to a museum/zoo/aquarium thing, it's an all-in-one spot. But before going out, we need to check out the continental breakfast that our hotel offered.

A sufficient breakfast. They had a lot of carbs and starch-ie food, no meat at all. The orange juice was pretty good, coffee wasn't so great. I really liked the waffles, actually it's the maple syrup that I really like. It's not extremely sweet and tasted just perfect, slab on a little whipped butter and that's a perfect waffle for you.

After breakfast we chilled a bit in our room until we felt like getting our asses up to head out. We thought we probably should get something to eat before heading to our destination. Of course, we went to Frite Alors and got some poutine. Can you see how much we love Frite Alors? J was eye-ing the pulled pork since day one so that's exactly what we got. The pork was a bit on the sweet side so it actually tasted better without the meat.

The train ride wasn't long, within half an hour and we were at the Biodome. Pretty excited.

How do you like them apples? We got a student discount with our NYC student IDs. Totally surprised that they even accepted it.

Biodome incorporates 4 different physical atmosphere to educate the public of the animals that lives in them. The killer was the forest, it was so humid and hot. Truthfully, I gave after a couple of shots because there were way too many people and I could hardly take any photos.

A birdie roaming around. J was telling me how they pop out of nowhere and if he wasn't paying attention he would've kicked one when he walked.

And that's all I captured there. These things are so high up in the trees which makes it so difficult to capture them, not to mention they move also -_-"

The Biodome wasn't bad, nor was it that amazing. I guess we both expected a lot more but when we looked at the price again, it seemed about just right. Right across the street from the Biodome was a movie theater. It was ginormous. Rather than go see a movie, since most likely they're all in French we just zoomed right into the arcade section.

We found the air hockey table! I don't know why, but I love air hockey and I'm sure J took an interest in it also. The scoring was weird, I mean c'mon 37? In the states, we only go up to 7 points. The price was insanely cheap, a $1 a game. I thought I was hallucinating.

It was extremely tempting...

After killing some time here, we finally decided to head back to the hotel and rest. Since our dinner reservation wasn't until 9pm. It was either 5:30 or 9, I'm not rushing to the restaurant at 5, that's just way too early for dinner. As we got back into the city of Montreal, we found the shopping area near our hotel. But guess what we bought... more liquor! Gosh we are insanely alcoholics on this trip.

Remember these photos? I took them on day one in daylight and I told J that wouldn't it look great during the night. He dragged me here after we got some liquor which was heavy! But the sight of it was worth it.

We lugged our heavy bags back to the hotel. During the stay in Montreal, I have to say we watched a lot of Discovery Channel. Never knew they had such interesting shows and educational also. Finally, it was 8ish and we left the building for our anticipated dinner.

We were finally there. The hype about this place was over the roof. It's nice to be able to experience it.

We started off with a sample platter. There was tongue, sausage, terrine, and pate. I loved the pate, totally different from the usual pate I usually eat. This had flavor and texture, not mushy at all. My least favorite was the terrine, that black blob. It wasn't the texture issue, it was more of the intense flavor that filled my mouth and nostril that made me want to gag. I'll remember to avoid that. And did anyone hear of pickled egg before? I mean, pickled like a pickle... so good!

Bison tongue. So soft and tender. J and I love tongue - yes pun intended silly

This dish was certainly an eye opener. Little balls of liquid foie gras in the center. Crunchy on the outside and once bitten, the warm gooeyness of the foie just melts in your mouth. Genius! But I'm not changing my mind about foie gras.

Condiments for our entree.

So, J was really disappointed that they were out of pig's head. We initially wanted to indulge in the pig's head since it's a two-person meal. The waiter said they were sold out, and boy did J expressed a big reaction. Seeing him so upset, the waiter said he'll whip up something that off the menu. That deep dish consisted of tongue, quail, duck, ribs, pork belly, foie gras, and bone marrow. When I saw it, I was going to die. We somehow finished the entire thing, ok more credit to J since he's a beast.

The meal was satisfying. We're definitely going back to Au Pied de Cochon to get the pig's head even if that means we have to reserve it.

Heading back to the hotel we were stuffed and quite content. Looking in the fridge made us more content.

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