Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Montreal - Day 4

Appreciating the simple things in life

Our last full day in Montreal. J and I definitely got that sad achy feeling since we didn't want the trip to end, but everything has to come to end.

Our balcony view. It's nice waking up knowing we had a balcony which we didn't use since it was mighty chilly out. Not the best balcony view but it comes in handy when you rent or have a car parked in the lot.

I wanted to go to Jean-Talon Market. Ever since watching Bizarre Food and No Reservations, I always wanted to visit the market of each place/city I go to just to have a little taste of actually being a local. J suggested we go on a Monday since a lot of the restaurants and museums are closed on Monday. The market was pretty big. We were so indecisive about lunch that we practically made 3 entire loops of the inside and outside of the market.

Pretty empty huh? Can't expect much since it was around noon on a Monday. We finally settled down and ordered some food.

Salami sandwich. Simple yet tasty. It's all about quality, not quantity. I liked how the person behind the counter that took our order told us to sit down and that he'll bring us the food. Sort of not use to that kind of behavior.

J got a meat pie and some wings. The meat pie was pretty good but we both wished that it came with a little gravy cause it was getting a bit dry as we continue eating. But one thing, the meat pie was flavored quite well. The wings looked mouthwatering, but it was a bit dry.

Our half full apple juice that tasted extremely fresh. Looks dark and heavy but the flavor was just pure apple and that was truly fresh, I could drink this all day long. While in Montreal, Naya was our go-to water bottle that kept us hydrated.

Stopped by a pastry shop and bought 2 little things plus this tiramisu ice cream. It was good, nice and creamy with tiramisu flavor. Now if only all ice cream came like that.

The market was really colorful. There were so many fresh fruits and vegetables. There were some stalls that had samples for you to try before deciding if you want to buy anything. I ended up getting some blueberries because they were fresh and I didn't even spot one bad one in the bunch, plus I love blueberries. J bought some cherry tomatoes, they were so plump!

After the market we decided to head back to the hotel but before going back there, we wanted to stop by the supermarket to get some steak for dinner. Since we had a full kitchen in our hotel room, we wanted to use it before out trip ended. Back at the hotel, we were just enjoying our evening with watching TV and being lazy.

I nearly forgot about this...

Tim Hortons! How can our trip be fulfilled if we didn't get any Tim Hortons?! The best part was they had the French Vanilla Cappuccino for only $1 and because I saw munchkins somewhere (I don't remember where) I had J get me some also. Boy, I was feeling so spoiled since he went out and I stayed in the hotel. He came back and told me everything cost around $3ish. I was like - really? Are you sure? Dammm

Great deal! He got 10 little donuts which Montreal-ers call Timbits. How adorable! They're frankly quite good. I would choose these over Dunkin' Donuts any time because they weren't overly sweet. Plus, the chocolate one was amazing. Oh, and they had a strawberry one! I wonder if the Tim Hortons in the states would taste the same as Montreal.

So content with our snack. 

Finally, dinner time. J was the chef tonight. I was just too lazy and he seems confident enough to cook up some foie gras and steak.

It looked like a big piece when it was raw but once cooked, the foie decrease in size magnificently. I have no problem with it since I'm not a crazy foie gras person. I gave most of it to J since he loves this stuff.

Steak for two and only $4.84.

The boyfriend at work! Looking quite pro there. Food always taste better when the person you love cooks it.

Our feast for our last night in Montreal. I wouldn't have spent it any other way. I had the best dinner ever and nothing would have been better than this. A meal that was cooked by J, everything we picked up together. It just seemed perfect.

It was hard to believe that we would be leaving the next day. Everything happened so fast. We tried to cherish our last hours of the night together. Nothing better to end the night with than Ice Cider, something new.

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