Sunday, October 9, 2011

HG For My Face

The weather has been changing here in NYC and it's feeling more like Autumn. I like the feeling of the weather but I don't like how it's not entirely hot nor cold, makes it difficult to choose clothes to wear. I mean, I like layering but it sort of makes a person looks "chunky". But anyways, my face has been acting up ever since the weather changed.

My skin is combination-oily and the t-zones are the most oiliest parts ever. Under the light, you can see a shiny layer of grease (I know it sounds nasty but I can't help it). My pores are quite big hence the excessive amount of oily it releases. I haven't tried much facial products that would decrease the secretion of oil because I feel like my face needs it. Oil secretion allows the face to be hydrated and not dry. Dry skin leads to wrinkles therefore I don't take any supplements or put on any moisturizer to stop it.

But lately, it got way out of hand and it even had me using multiple sheets of blotting paper, I even have to use it 2-3 times a day. That's a bit scary.

In the beginning of the year, I started using the moisturizer from Avon that my boyfriend's mom gave me. I liked it because it was light and had an SPF of 20 in it. I also like how it can become a base for my concealers to glide on. I've been using it in the summer also and it was fine. I had to blot my face only once throughout the day which was absolutely normal. Then once September hits, I started getting even more oilier. I started to freak. I went researching for primers which I heard can really help with oily skin. I was about to go purchase a primer but I suddenly remembered something.

Laying on my table was the Shiseido sunscreen that I used to love. I stopped using it because I had received the Avon moisturizer. It was just sitting there on the table, so I decided one day to use the Shiseido and put the Avon aside.

The Shisedio sunscreen was a lifesaver. I have raved it before as one of my favorite products of the year and it never failed me. The sunscreen that I have has an SPF of 55. Insane, but it helps protect my skin. Ever since I started using the Shiseido sunscreen again I have been getting less oily.

So, the Shiseido sunscreen is officially my HG product for the face. It's a must have. It's not as runny as any other sunscreen products and it has a nice pleasant scent to it also.

What's your HG product for your face?

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