Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Birchbox 102011

This month's box gave me sort of a mix feeling. Kind of a love and hate kind of thing. There were products that I liked and also products I thought was a waste to be given to me.

Let's jump right into October's box!

Redken - shine flash 02
A hairspray that gives a shine. I really want to like this product but for some reason it makes my hair look greasy... odd. But I love the scent, makes me smell good.

Pangea Organics - Facial Scrub
I thought it was a mistake when I saw this. I had the same looking thing last month, but it was a facial cream, this is a scrub. So much better than the cream. The scent is pretty pleasant and it leaves my face so soft after usage. Win.

blinc - Mascara
An interesting mascara indeed but I'll pass on this since it's not waterproof. Also, the instructions for applying is insanely complicated. After the first coat, you have to wait 2 minutes for the lashes to dry and then you can apply more coats. I don't have time to wait! Plus, to remove the mascara it says to use warm water and add pressure to your eyes and tubes of the mascara will come off. Does this sound familiar? Like those Japanese mascaras?

Befine - Lip Exfoliator
Heavy oatmeal scent. I usually don't believe in lip exfoliators because it just doesn't work on me. No matter how often I use it and how hard I scrub, my lips cannot be baby soft. Unless there's a miracle product out there for me...

Tea Forte - Minteas
Freebie of the month. I love this! Taste so good, with a hint of cinnamon. Plus there was a lot of mints inside the little tin can. Win.

After getting this month's, I can't wait for next month's!

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