Friday, June 25, 2010

Lazy Me on the Rise

I've been gone and away as of late with no particular reason, it would be great if I have the enthusiasm to update daily with new looks, reviews, and things to share. But none of my laptops are working at home and all I can basically use is my work computer. It's been a slow week, a hot slow week.

I got a picnic to go to tomorrow and that's probably not going to be pretty. Gotta whip out them sun tan lotions and moisturizers and look pretty pretty while being in the sun. I tend to sweat and oil easily so I have to be careful with makeup.

I recently ordered a couple of thing from Lioele line of makeup, I saw it on youtube through various gurus and I just had to have it. The packaging is just so adorable... and pink!

the packaging is crazy adorable

i got the BB Cream, its too bad they only have it in one shade. i think it was made for asian skintone but even asians got different shades riiight?

the color of it wasn't that bad, it wasn't too dark or light. i think i'm lucky to have it fit my skintone

it blends nicely on the skin, for some reason it goes matte after smoothing it all out.
the top left is where the cream is blended out, can't really tell huh? cause it blends nicely

i got the Blooming Face Powder so i can set my face after applying the BB Cream. apparently they only have this in a single shade also. it actually feels like a translucent pressed powder so the color on the powder doesn't really show up.

i love the pink little puffer and it also have a mirror for on-the-go application.

the way i use it is pretty annoying at times. i usually place the puffer on top and flip the whole thing over so some of the powder would be picked up by the puff.

the last and final thing i got is the Cushion Touch Blusher in cutey pink.

this was surely one of a kind. i've never seen anything like this and the application was so easy. you don't have to worry about having a brush with you or getting your hands in cream blushes cause this does it all!

you can keep building on the color and it wouldn't be too overbearing. the great thing about this blush is that it last all day, no joke guys. it lasted me a good 8-9 hours and i was so surprise to still see it on my cheeks when i got home from work.

Color Lenses

i got the Geo Fresh Grey color lenses from

it came from overseas and it took about a week and a half, not bad and i really like the color.

it came with these little hippo lens case, matches perfectly with the grey lenses!

the color is very natural, it's not noticeable when you're indoors with minimal light.

but if it was exposed to sunlight and photos, the color shoots right out!

Silver & Pink Eyes

As usual, when I get bored I tend to go to my vanity and start looking and wondering. Then somehow I would start putting colors together and there you go -- my fun little experiment. I love pinks, so I try to incorporate it into nearly all my looks. Whether it's for the eyes, face, or lips -- I heart pink.

i used a silver color on the inner half of my lids.
then i used a pink on the crease, just running the brush parallel to my eyes.
i mixed a plum and burgundy color together and darkened my outer V area.
tight-lined my upper lash line and lower lash line.
finally, mascara to seal up the whole deal.
(ignore the brows, i just noticed they aren't done - LOL)

this is actually pretty nice for prom or even a wedding.

Until next time lovelies -- <3Elle

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