Monday, May 3, 2010

Kose - Sekkisei Skincare Products

I remember about 5-6 years ago I used to have really bad skin. My mom had suggested to take me to get a facial treatment and even my aunt took me skincare shopping. It was pretty bad.

I used to go out a lot, being exposed to the sun was a pretty bad deal. I didn't know what SPF was, was too lazy and in a hurry to put on sunscreen so I ended up with uneven skin tone, discoloration, dark spots, and had black/white heads. Yea, that was nasty.

So my mom had enough of it and took me to a beauty salon where they do facials. I had a 10x facial treatment and it was suppose to rid my black/white heads and even out my skin tone. The process was about an hour (that I remembered) and I didn't dread it at all. The hardest part would probably be when the person tried to use this utensil thing and literally poke and squeeze/press out the black/white heads. My eyes were tearing so much. But it worked and she showed me what she had taken out -- grossness!

Besides the facial treatment, my aunt thought it wasn't enough and took me to an asian skincare store. The salesperson had me try Kose's Sekkisei whitening line. There were so many steps but it didn't bother me cause it was really similar to the Proactiv process.

So, it's been a long time and I decided to re-purchase the items and use them again. Just because I want whiter and softer skin. I'm hoping it would clear out my blackheads now, if not then I would have to go back to that facial place!

Those are the 4 items I got.

A whitening mask in which the consistency is very creamy. The color comes off as really black but it gives you that cooling sensation. I really like this mask cause it's so easy to use. You apply a good amount all over your face (would be a great way to scare someone =p) and wait until the formula dries up and then just peel it off. The reason why I like it is because when you peel the mask off, dead skin and even some nasty gunk comes out.

I chose to get the powder wash this time because it was new to me. The one I used back then was the liquid wash and it was so creamy and milky, not that I didn't like it but I just wanted to try what this whole powder thing was about. Easy process, you pour out the powder and add a bit of water and slowly mix it until it turns into a gluey texture and voila!

This item was so confusing, it says Lotion on it but it's actually a Toner. Totally got me since it was still in it's box I couldn't tell what it was. But once the salesperson took it out of its bottle I knew it was toner. Feels quite refreshing and not at all sticky.

The emulsion was a lot different. I chose the emulsion over the lotion because the salesperson claimed it newer in the market and the outcome makes your face a lot smoother. Well, the consistency was really milky (just like how the lotion was back when I used it) and the color was a bit more on the transparent side. It felt like the Laneige Pore Trouble Emulsion.

All the products smells so good!

These came as a gift along with the products that I purchased. It's like those Macy's goodies that if you buy a certain amount you get some free gift sort of thing.

These little trial size are so tiny. It includes -- cleansing oil, liquid wash (similar to powder wash as mentioned above), whitening mask, and eye cream

Here's another photo comparing it to the quarter, told you they're tiny.

I'm really looking forward to these products since it worked well in the past for me, hopefully it'll do its magic once again for me.


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