Thursday, July 15, 2010

MAC Haul + Alice & Olivia

Yay for my first massive MAC haul. I wasn't really expecting to get this much but it was tempting. I first saw their Alice&Olivia limited edition products, I held back on getting the pigments because I figured I wouldn't have much use for them, even though the colors were just gorgeous. So, I just got a couple of lipsticks, e/s pans, and two dazzleglasses... so excited about this!

I took a break from makeup shopping and I was doing really well.... until now. And I have another purchase order coming soon. *sigh* I need to cut it, but it's a great hobby. I love collecting makeup and all, I don't even mind doing other people's makeup. It can put some of my things into use...

Here's the haul, the pictures are taken with indoor lighting so it probably throw the color off just a tad bit.

Doesn't seem much at all, I put them all into place and it looked like I didn't get anything at all

Got myself a refillable quad because it would be great for going on vacations. Especially when I'm starting to build my natural look with the MAC e/s

I'm pretty satisfied with these lipsticks that I've gotten.
Viva Glam Gaga is a barbie pink kind of color, I like how it's really buildable. But the more you build the color the more brighter the color pink will show.
Angel is my love. Absolutely love this color, now I understand why so many people had raved about this product in the past. It's such a wearable pink color, goes with any eye look and outfit.
Blankety is a shade darker than Creme D' Nude, both are nude colors. I like Blankety more than Creme D'Nude because it doesn't make me look as dead. Creme D'Nude is similar to Revlon's Nude Attitude but more creamier (if ya know what I mean).

I like how the packaging of Alice&Olivia looks but the quality of the packaging is so cheap. I expected the dazzleglass to be imprinted with Alice&Olivia on it to make it look more outstanding but it looks just like a regular dazzleglass. I also didn't like how the cover for Alice&Olivia to be just a paper sleeve... C'mon MAC, I thought you could do better!

But, the color does pay off. I.Want.Candy is a bright yellow, you would think that it would be a hard color to pull off but by itself makes your lips stands out. If you smooth out the color, it's really wearable with just some yellow glitters shimmering away on your lips. If It's Pink... is so hot, and I mean hot pink! Bright as ever, this color make your lips call for attention.

I love any color that gives the eye the natural look, anything brown, beige, taupe, white, black... love them all. I always thought I could just live with eyeliner and mascara but whenever I look into the mirror I would see the "nakedness" on my eyelids. Big problem!

Not to mention my eyelids are oily too. They tend to crease throughout the day and you would see the strand of oily build-up... EW! So ever since I took notice and found out about it I started wearing e/s. But even that would make it crease, so then the solution was an e/s primer. Primer works like magic, and I'm not afraid to wear e/s anymore. I can even put on the primer and leave the house but because my eyelids looks slightly darker (don't know why) than the other parts of my face, I tend to use a lighter e/s on my eyes like MAC's Malt or All That Glitters.

So, if you want ungreasy lids and long lasting e/s you're best bet would be any eye primer. That's probably one of my "must haves" and "can't live withouts".

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