Monday, October 17, 2016

Wedding: Photographer

To be completely honest.

Finding a photographer (actually it's more like choosing) for our wedding was simple. I already had a photographer in mind for the longest time - I was just waiting for that moment - if you know what I mean.

I discussed my choice with the fiancé and luckily, it didn't take much to convince him. We agreed they were definitely one of a kind and that we would love to have them photograph our special day.

The process was easy. I reached out to them and we exchanged emails back and forth. We even facetime and met with each other. The reason being, they were located in Houston, Texas. They were very up-beat and you can feel the passion and love that they had for what they love to do.

So a little background of why I chose Tee Tran Photography.
When I was a very young little girl, my dad would buy VHS tapes and DVDs of Paris By Night. Paris by Night encompasses a lot of different Vietnamese songs and singers. I grew up watching and listening to it and pretty much fell in love with a singer. Ok, not totally in love but more like I loved her songs, I loved her singing, I loved her performance and energy. Each time my dad buys a PBN, I ask, is she in there? I would learn her songs and sing-a-long quite a lot.
Fast forward to my high school and college years, I found that she was no longer going to perform due to some medical complications. I then stopped watching PBN. Lucky for me and her fans, she was active on social media and soon enough, married Tee Tran.

Never had I thought I would work with Bao Han. The person that I idolized when I was young. For me, this definitely meant a lot which is why I think my fiancé went with the flow.

But that's besides the point, she's very fashionable and creates outfits that are super pretty out of affordable pieces that she finds. Her husband, Tee Tran's photography skills are quite different than your average. The angle, the skills, the directing that they both encompass are quite phenomenal...not to mention, they're quite goofy.

My fiancé and I are both looking forward to this experience and are totally psyched for them to capture the moments we have.

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