Friday, October 14, 2016

Fast Forward

I am engaged!

Well, since May but yes I will be getting married next year!
Getting married is honestly just once in a lifetime event and I'm going to try my best to log about the entire process. It's interesting, exciting and nerve wracking but it's something that I want to be able to look back to and just laugh at myself.


Rewind back to May of 2016. My then-boyfriend and I decided to head to Hawaii. Well, he's been talking about it for the longest time and I've decided that we'll go. It was a last minute decision so everything seemed kind of rushed. He always told me how good the food was there and the weather is gorgeous, that it's a great place to retire in. And so to shut him up about the non-stop food talk, I told him, let's just go to Hawaii. So, that's exactly what we did.

We chose to stay in the North Shore for 3 days and 4 days in Oahu. The days in the North Shore were beautiful and peaceful. We only had 2 full mornings in the North Shore since the 3rd morning was when we had to check out, so watching the sunrise was limited. We stayed at a small cottage place with a backyard that opened up to the ocean.

The boyfriend told me that we should watch the sunrise one of those mornings and I reluctantly agreed. The morning of, I felt so sluggish and asked why can't we just watch it from bed since our bed literally faces the water. He didn't nag on me much, which then made me feel guilty. I gave up and agreed to head out onto the lawn chairs. Good thing I didn't pass out while staring off into the sky. It was quiet and all you hear is the ocean water and random birds flying around. Finally, the sun was peaking out. Sitting there, I thought to myself, it would be great if he propose to me right now, it would be so darn perfect. And then, BAM...the next thing I knew, he was on his knees next to me and whipped out the RING! In my head, I was like omg omg omg it's happeningggggg!!! He was telling me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and that we should take the next step in our journey and I'm there just nodding away and holding back tears! Oiy...

Needless to say, my mind was read. It was a perfectly simple proposal and I couldn't ask for anything better. I was just floating on cloud 9 that day. Hawaii was just perfect.

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