Sunday, June 19, 2011

El'view: St.Ives's - Green Tea Scrub

Claims: To clear breakouts and reduce redness while also soothing your skin.

Price: Around $6-9

Pros: Nice clean green tea scent. Little tiny microbeads to help exfoliate. Gently enough for every day use if needed. Comes in a squeeze bottle where you can control how much you want when cleansing.

Cons: Hard to wash off the microbeads because they are really tiny. Has a little stinging sensation when you use it on your face.

Overall: That is usually how much I use for my entire face because a little goes a long way for this product.

When you start scrubbing it the product is green but after a minute of massaging it on your face the product turn white. In a way, it's a sign that shows me that the green tea is either absorbed into my face or oxidized.

In this photo, you can see the tiny beads that is used as an exfoliator. See how micro it is, but because of this it is less harsher on the skin. I use this product every other day because I don't feel the need to exfoliate every day. I like how the scrub leaves the skin squeaky clean afterward. This is definitely an affordable scrub that can be use as a light exfoliator. As for if it prevents breakouts and reduce redness, the reducing redness never worked for me. I still see redness around my nose but it does prevent breakouts for me. I don't breakout in random spots at much as I did, and it's also great for oily-combo skin.

Repurchase? 95%

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  1. I had a travel size of this & I loved it. Once I run out I'm going to buy the full size version...great reveiw.