Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Puppy Love

My first time into a pet store and I love it!
Although it was only dogs and cats, it was cuteness overload. I couldn't resist so I took pictures since I couldn't take any of them home.

They were so adorable.
One of them were really loud, like calm down dude, getting a little excited there. But they did have that yearning look on their face hoping they would somehow persuade a future owner to bring them home.
Maybe someday I will...some day.

Do you guys have a pet? Any in particular you like?



  1. I know how you feel. I feel like this every single time I go in a pet shop too. I figure I can't even manage myself why would I bother with a living animal. :(

  2. ahhthe dog in the 6th picture is SO CUTE (well all of them are pretty cute ^^). Pet stores make me a bit sad b/c I can't buy a pet right now - but one day one day~

  3. Shiba inu! *heart melt melt melt melts*

  4. god i luv the petshop, althought the one in the mall that live close by no longer sells puppies, only kittens and other smaller animals, but i rmber i ohh and aaaa everytime im there~~~~

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  5. those pups are SOOOOOO cute!
    I always have an urge to get one whenever I go :l lol
    visit my page when you have time :)