Saturday, January 17, 2015

Thanksgiving in Paris

Paris is a beautiful place to be, any time of year, period.

JDL and I decided to head to Paris during Thanksgiving, we were overdue for this trip since last year. The reason we chose Thanksgiving was because we knew Paris didn't celebrate it and we weren't exactly tied down to celebrate this holiday.

I have to admit, Paris was intimidating at first. But with the right amount research we did and landing in Paris with an open-mind, we had a great time. Things worked out when we thought it didn't. This trip was definitely one of those trip in which we came back learning a lot and it broaden our knowledge about traveling abroad.


To be honest, for our first trip to Paris, JDL and I really tried to fit a lot in our schedule. We tried to hit a good amount of tourist spots (because they're a must see if you're in Paris). We tried to visit and eat all the "must eats" in Paris. Even though a week might sound like a lot of time, we weren't able to cover everything because Paris is just that big. With all the traveling, our main source of transportation was the Metro. And if you can master NYC subway maps, Paris's Metro should be slightly simpler to handle minus the language barrier.

Things I've experienced and want to share:
1) The streets and roads in Paris are confusing. They don't have street signs in the middle or corner of the street, but it's actually embedded into the side of the building on every corner. They also have a lot of intersected corners, barely any parallel streets.
2) Make sure to make reservations for restaurants you want to eat at, especially those Michelin and more well-known ones. There's a couple of restaurants which JDL and I walked into that only took reservations, no walk-ins.
3) Make a note when you're on the train if you need to press a button or turn a latch to exit or climb on the train, don't just stand there and expect the train doors to open, they're all different.

Paris through our eyes...

I'll be doing separate posts on what I learned in Paris and hopefully it would be a helpful reference for those that are interested and thinking of traveling there.

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