Friday, February 10, 2012

Favorite Beauty Products of 2011

I have been slacking off in the blogging world just because work is getting the best of me and I just recently started to attend class again. I wish life would be a lot simpler and I can just blog away. But, that's not the case since we have to work and socialize and give time to family and friends. So now, it seems like blogging would be my last resort when I actually have free time.

I want to talk about the products I have been using in the last year (and still do now) and how much I've been treasuring them. They might be products that I faved in 2010 but that just means that it's a HG product for me.

Shiseido - Ultimate Sun Protection Cream for Face SPF55

One of my all-time favorite sunscreen. I still use it and am already on my second. I like how the texture of the product evens out my skin tone and even whitens it. With an SPF of 55, I believe it's good enough to block the sun rays. It's non-oily and doesn't have that sunscreen scent to it, nor does it leave your face sticky and blotchy. Even though it's winter here in NYC, I use this product all year round.

NYX - Eyeshadow in Taupe

Since I started working at a new place full-time, I needed a go-to routine each morning. I'm not the type that puts on different colors of shadows because I don't want to put the time into it. I've been relying on NYX's taupe e/s because it's a neutral color and I can just sweep it across my eyelid and I'm not. My eyes are darker than the rest of my face so I need to apply a color over it so it doesn't look too "sunken in." Plus, NYX's taupe is a matte color which means it's absolutely appropriate for my work setting.

MAC - Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe

When I first used this, I absolutely fell in love with it. The color was suitable for me and the texture was just perfect. It wasn't too creamy so not a lot of product ended up on my brows but it was creamy enough to have the right amount go on. I'm still on my first pencil and already purchased 2 more. I use this every single day and it defines my brows just the way I want it.

Innisfree - Lavender Moisture Sleeping Mask
A purchase from which I didn't regret. I was skeptical because it's from a foreign country but I was so curious as to how the product would turn out. I found out that there was a form of mask in which you can sleep with and that totally intrigued me. I ended up choosing this because it was from a Korean brand. The product feels like it was make 90% of water because I can see the droplets after applying it on my face. It is so refreshing and keeps my face hydrated throughout the night. Definitely a good investment.

Amazing Cosmetics - Amazing Concealer

I am in love with this concealer. It works so well for dark circles around the eyes. I usually get the To-Go size, it's much smaller but the hole is much small enough so when you dispense the product out it's just the right amount. The last thing I need is to be wasting expensive concealer like this.

There you have it, my faves of 2011. Not much because I didn't have the chance to try out a lot of products and when I do, I usually don't end up liking them. I try to find the more practical products that I tend to use often, which usually includes skincare or face products. Currently, I'm testing out the AmorePacific brand and hopefully that'll work out since my skin has been acting up lately.

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